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Jonathan Malave

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of KEVIN HART

Kevin Hart Kevin Hart was born on July 3, 1980. He was born in Philadelphia, PA He is 5' 4" ... He is 32 years old ! He has 2 kids. 1 daughter, and 1 son.
The daughter's name is Heaven Lee. Born in 2005
The son's name is Hendrix Hart. Born in 2007 He was married to Terrie Hart in 2003. They got a divorce in 2011. He graduated from George Washington High School. Before he was a comedian, his first job was a shoe salesmen. He was included in many movies. Kevin Hart recently hosted the 2012 Video Music Awards He attended Temple University for 2 years. Kevin started his career by winning several amateur comedy competitions at clubs throughout the New England area. His relationship with his father was rough in his childhood because he was in and out of jail, so he and his older brother by their single mother. In 2006, Kevin's mother died from cancer. Kevin's role models were Bill Crosby, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and Dave Chapelle. Kevin had one sibling and that was his older brother. His older brother's name is Robert Hart. At one of his earlier shows a man threw a piece of chicken at him while he was on stage once. Kevin's father was a cocaine addict. in 2005, he was nominated for the BET Platinum Mic Viewers Choice Award. In 2012, He walked away with a trophy from BET for Best Actor in his own stand-up special " Laugh At My Pain." In 2012, He was voted MVP of the NBA celebrity All-Star game. http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2012/08/08/kevin-hart-vma-host-0kim-kardashian-kanye-west-video/ In 2001, he was a actor in the T.V. series Undeclared His first comedic was at the Laff House in Philadelphia under the name of " Lil Kev." When he first started out he has been unsuccessful for being funny. He started to use Chris Tucker's method of talking about his insecurities and about his life. He likes to include his family a lot in his stand-up comedies. His humility and his strong work-ethic are two main reasons of his success. Kevin is known for making fun of himself before others' get the chance to. Hart grossed over $15 million from " Laugh At My Pain", which for that year made it one of the top-selling tours. He is a big time comedian. A quote he made is " The only time you should look back in life, is to see how far you have come."
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