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Welcome to the new school year!


Neetha Mudhan

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the new school year!

Welcome to the new school year!
School Motto
A _ _ _ _ _ _, challenging and
responsive learning environment!
Classes for 2014
To our students...
Whanau Cooper
Whanau Ngata
To our parents ...
To our staff...
We look forward to an awesome year!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
De Bon Vouloir Servir
strive for your best
'have a go'
begin and end well
Whanau Leader
Miss A Lim
Room 9
6 Mr A Daldy
7 Mr Robert Oliphant
8 Miss V Rajenthiram
9 Miss A Lim
Whanau Leader
Ms G Koraua-Laxton
Room 15
14 Mr A Naude
15 Ms G Koraua-Laxton
16 Miss J Clark
17 Miss S Vignaraja
embrace our motto
living what we want
our students to be

Whanau Mansfield
Whanau Leader
Mrs J Clansey
Room 18
18 Mrs J Clansey / Mrs P Singh
19 Miss P Brownsey
20 Mrs J Lim
21 Miss S Richardson
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