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The effective leadership tendencies of Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies

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Alex Johnson

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The effective leadership tendencies of Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies

Examining the effective leadership
tendencies of Ralph and Jack in
Lord of the Flies Civilization vs. Savagery First Level Fear by Intimidation Henchmen/Right Hand Men Second Level Alex Johnson Lord of the Flies presents the reader with two drastically different leaders: Ralph Jack Democratic viewpoint Exudes rationality Primary representative of order, civilization, and productive leadership Has a strong commitment to morality Shows great maturity for his age Organizes insurrection against Ralph Represents dictatorial/authoritarian leadership Extremely power hungry A boy of action with fiery temperament Serves to represent the base and bestial
nature of human beings Thesis Ralph and Jack, despite their often generalized societal and behavioral differences in fact share some key methods to explain the effectiveness of their power: The use of fear The promise of freedom The group mentality So what exactly IS the definition of
leadership? It can be described as "a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid or support of others in the accomplishment of a common task". HOWEVER BUT Some real life examples of "effective leaders" Fear and uncertainty is one of the methods used to obtain power Employed primarily by Jack FEAR = MANIPULATION Fear creates willing followers of a leader who promises PROTECTION The Beast Largest source of fear on the island An ILLUSION - which Jack knows and
uses to his advantage to garner support Offerings are made to this fictional
beast ordered by Jack He learns that this fear controls his
followers behavior Manipulation is the central theme On a minor note, Ralph uses
a sort of fear not nearly as
effective as Jack's approach He is the first to make fun of
Piggy's appearance and point
out his nickname - submissive "See? They do what I want." (Ch.11) Jack is much more intimidating Will is unchallenged Ralph HIMSELF is even fearful of
Jack - The fear of of being hunted Roger Piggy Much less effective despite good intentions
WHY? Both Ralph and Jack have their own respective views of "freedom" on the island Both views are extremely promising and enticing WORK IN ORDER TO SURVIVE vs. ALL FUN NO WORK Ralph Jack The Freedom Conflict VS. Remember, kids are naturally attracted to fun over work Jack Ralph finds it difficult to maintain his support Must convince kids to build, make fires instead of face painting and hunting Third Level The final source of power in leadership arises from a termed donned "mob mentality" "Characters are driven by the group to make decisions surmounting their own personal inclinations" Both Ralph and Jack especially use this method to their advantage TWO PARTIES PARTICIPATION IN ACTS BIGGER THAN ONESELF Ralph - "like-minded" support Jack No one really is "brave" Death chant and the masks
are all signs of it going too far Samneric and even Ralph himself are attracted SO WHAT? It can be concluded that leadership
takes different forms. The effectiveness
of Jack's approach sadly seems to surmount that
of Ralph's despite his well meaning intentions. These methods are applicable in real life...
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