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That Hit Will CO$T You More Than Just a Pay Check

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Bryan Robinson

on 4 December 2010

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Transcript of That Hit Will CO$T You More Than Just a Pay Check

That Hit Will CO$T You More Than Just a Pay Check Hits Like These Hits Like Those Can Lead to Concussion Concussion causes a violent shaking which causes the brain cells to become depolarized and fire all their neurotransmitters at once in an unhealthy cascade, flooding the brain with chemicals and deadening certain receptors linked to learning and memory OR In other words think of it as your brain in your skull is like Jell-O in a coffee cup. Hit the cup and everything in their jiggles around. That’s what causes the brain injury. Facts About Concussions Confusion, blurred vision, memory loss, nausea, and sometimes unconsciousness
Neurologists say once a player suffers a concussion, he is as much as four times more likely to sustain a second one
A 2000 study surveyed 1,090 former N.F.L. players and found more than 60 percent had suffered a least one concussion in their careers and 26 percent had three or more
More problems with memory, concentration, speech impediments, headaches, and other neurological problems than those who had not, the survey found.

Now, the National Football League plan of preventing harsh hits is by fining and potentail suspending players. “There’s a big difference between being hurt and being injured. You get hurt; you shake it off and come back the next series or the next game. I try to hurt people." “I’ve got two young boys, and I said, “What if those were my sons (being hit)?” “Harrison recalled in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I would be devastated if I saw one of my sons lying on the ground.”
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