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Digital Footprint

No description

Caroline James

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Digital Footprint

A Positive Digital Footprint
Using one of the templates or a blank art board create a poster to show how to have a 'Positive Digital Footprint' online.
Main Task
Sign up to : http://www.easel.ly/

Click on:

(It is easier if you log in to your school email first in a different tab)
Digital Footprint
The trail or history left behind by your interactions online.

Your online reputation influences
how friends, future colleagues or employers judge you now and in the future.
Digital Footprint
L/01 - To understand what is a digital footprint
L/02 - To Identify how your digital footprint can impact your future
Digital Footprint
What is it used for?
What power does the internet give you?
What information about you can be tracked?
How is it collected?
How can you stay Inctrl?
'Lesson 1 resource 1'
work out how
many people could potentially view your
information online.
What responsibility do you have?
Include the following:

Description of what is a digital footprint?
What can go wrong?
How to secure online profiles?
What information not to give out online?
What positive things can you do online?
Showcase your work
Using net support your teacher will show your work to the class.

Websites to help you improve your digital footprint.

Acceptable Use Policy
Turn to page 105 of your planner and read the acceptable use of technology statement. Sign it at the bottom.
Choose one of these videos to watch
Top Tips for keeping your
digital footprint positive:
1. If you sign up to a website or social network site for personal use, make sure you set it to private and /or use a nickname so it’s harder to find you.
Top Tips for keeping your
digital footprint positive:
2. Don’t give too much information away. If you don’t need to give your personal details to a website, for example, when placing an order online, then don’t!

Top Tips for keeping your
digital footprint positive:
3. If what you do online is positive, then your digital footprint will be. Think about what image you are giving out when you post comments, upload images or videos of yourself and your friends.
Top Tips for keeping your
digital footprint positive:
4. Search for yourself online. This is a great way to check whether anything comes up. If you have an uncommon name, you will be easier to find than others.
Top Tips for keeping your
digital footprint positive:
5. Use strong passwords for all of your online accounts and change them regularly.
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