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Grade Five - Introduction to Structures

Maggie Parliament

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Structures

Forces Acting upon Structures
Grade Five

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Learning Goals:

Students will identify and describe forces acting on and within structures.

And the Big Ideas:
- Structures and mechanisms throughout our environment have forces that act on and within them.
- We can measure forces in order to determine how they affect structures and mechanisms. This information can be used to guide the design of new structures and mechanisms.
- Forces that result from natural phenomena have an effect on society and the environment.


We All Need A Little Structure ;)
Students were given a wide variety of materials and challenged to build the highest free standing structure that they could! Could they build it to the roof? Could they combine materials? Did they combine groups?

Students learned to manipulate materials to see how triangulation of struts ( making triangles ) help to strengthen a structure against compressive forces and how ties ( shoelaces) were used to resist tension forces.

So...when we tried it...
Lets Look At Structures In The Lab!
Let's Look At Some Structures You Have Seen Before!
How High Can We Build?
Let's Look At This Idea Closer

We will work on the Lab activities ~ Your notebooks are ready with worksheets to complete for each one of the four lab tasks.

You will work alone or with a partner to complete each section - Ipad and laptops will be made available for these tasks.
Learning Goals:

Students will use scientific inquiry/research skills to investigate how structures are built to withstand forces.

Success Critieria:

We will be able to identify what different materials and construction techniques are used to build structures that may be subjected to forces from natural phenomena such as earthquakes.

We will be able to explain In what ways structures are modified to allow them to stand up to forces from natural phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes?

We will show an understanding of standard building techniques used to ensure that structures can withstand forces placed upon them.
Before we head to the "lab" to do our research, lets review
our Learning Goals and Success Criteria.


Let's look closer at different types of bridges and how forces affect them!
Domes are also a popular structure that withstands incredible forces to remain stable.
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