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An introduction to themes

Brittany Forbes

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Themes!

What is theme?
A theme is a big, reoccurring, or central idea in a work of literature, art, music, or even a movie.
What is theme?
How can you identify a theme?
You must first read, watch, or examine the entire work before you decide on a theme.
In order to identify a theme, you can also...
1. Take a few moments to think about what happened in the story and its main parts: the plot, the characters, and the conflict.
2. Consider how you would describe the story, art, or movie to a friend.
3. Think about the main character. Does the character change over the course of the story?
I think I know the theme, but how can I prove it?
How can I prove the theme?
Evidence! You must prove your theme with evidence from the text.
Let's Practice...
...with one of our Pop Artists.
What do you notice?
What do you notice in this painting? Any theme striking you yet?
Now, after examining this painting, what is one theme that strikes you?
On the left side of your INB notes, create a brainstorming map.
But, don't forget, you have to prove it!
1. With your shoulder partner, discuss what themes you noticed.
2. Choose one theme together. In the middle of each of your maps write: Warhol theme: ______________
3. Now, using the paintings, brainstorm common elements in the paintings, including even the artistic style, that support your thematic choice.
4. Make sure you include at least five pieces of evidence and site the painting that you use.
5. Be prepared to share!
Andy Warhol
"Marilyn Monroe"
Andy Warhol
On the next page of your notes, on the left side, create two more brainstorming maps.
Now let's practice individually...
1. As you listen to the song, highlight words, phrases, images, etc. that stand out to you.
2. In the map, put "Theme: _________" in the center circle.
What do you know about the history of the 1960s?
As you watch listen to this song, write down everything you notice about the lyrics, tone, attitude, and words that stand out!
1. Now, based on your observations, what do you think was one theme of "Times They Are A'Changin'"?
2. In a complete sentence, explain a central theme of the song.
3. Using your observations, include three pieces of evidence from the lyrics to support your answer.
"Dollar Sign"
Andy Warhol
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