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Whats preformed and where

No description

ryan kellogg

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Whats preformed and where

Typical day
Tools and Techkno-wledgy
Whats preformed and where
Details of a typical day
A typical day as a marine biologist could be fun or boring. I could go boating on lakes to catch or net fish. go boating on the ocean. I will investigtate water salinity and density. I could travel around seeking advice for whe to find certain species
This will show what its like to be a marine biologist
Math- You need math for many reasons. You will need to measure water density. amount of certain aquatic life inside a perimiter
Science/Biology- You need to know the organs of aquatic life. You may also need to know there habbits to find them, or body structure/ shape.
Those are the main subject needed to know to become a Marine Biology
Work Experience
Studying fishes inner organs
Density of animals per square mile
Typical Day
Liked-working with animals and fishing
aspects of jobs liked and disliked
Outlook- nationally
Annual salary-68,030
Fishing rods, Nets, computers, diving suits are some of the tools and techknowledy used.
Tools and Techknowledy
Fishing takes time cause they don't bite right away
This job is a marine biologist. The main topic is mostly researching aquatic life. It takes place in oceans, rivers, lakes,and labs. I could go in submarines, on boatss to fis, or even fish off banks of rivers. that is mainly what a marine biologist is.
Marine Biology
Job outlook and slary
dislikes-lab work and research
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