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The Paperless Classroom

No description

Ms. Ahrens

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of The Paperless Classroom

The Paperless Classroom
7:10 am: Open the day's activities on Moodle
Although I use Moodle, there are multiple other online class systems that are similar (Schoology, Edmodo, etc.).
9:30 am- Update Classroom Blog
Why go paperless?
Clutter reduction...I can find things!
No giant teacher bag on wheels...I can save everything in the cloud!
More opportunities for "real world" application for students
My Typical Paperless Day
My classroom is 1:1, but not my school. These ideas focus on my own technology, separately from the students, as well as their 1:1 technology. For 1:1 specific ideas, I will provide a BYOD alternative.
BYOD Option
Make the online classroom system optional. Post questions as a discussion, but also project it on the screen. Make copies for kids who need it.
Another BYOD Option
Flip your classroom!
Post materials the night before they will be used and require that students watch, print, or bring in a device.
7:00 am: Sign on to Evernote
Paperless lesson plan book!
Strengthening Your Connection with Your Students (and your free time!)
Yay for plan time!

I heart Weebly!
SAMR Model
Evernote- Paperless Homework
Students create notebooks for different units and email their work to me to turn it in.
Make it optional!
Evernote: Shared Notebooks
Modification: Students can insert pictures of books they have read or are interested in reading!
Students can create a notebook and "share" it with you so you can always see what is in it!
BYOD Option
When you will have students create this shared notebook, bring them to the computer lab or check out devices.
When modifying the notebook, do the same, or make it homework.
Padlet- Student Collaboration
Virtual bulletin board or "parking lot" where students can ask questions or post reactions.
Have a device? Let's try it!
Go to http://padlet.com/wall/niceminicon
Google Drive/OneDrive: Student Collaboration
Have students "share" documents and create/edit/add on together.
BYOD Options for Padlet and Drives
Assign as homework.
Build groups around students you know have devices.
Evernote- Annotating Pictures
Teacher Tools- Conference Data
Evernote vs. Google forms
Teacher Tools: Student Data
Google forms
Exit slips
Group participation ratings
So much more!
Teacher Tools: Meeting Notes
Have you figured out yet how much I love Evernote?
Create reminders in Evernote for things you have to get done later!
Faster than putting it into your calendar
Thank you!
Questions? Comments? More ideas?


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