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No description

Kiki Dallao

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Outlook

Dal-Tile and the
Office 365 Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg
Learn and use Microsoft Office 365
Tip of the Iceberg -> Outlooking for Treasure

Define Business Objectives
1. Get Employees to use Microsoft Office Suite 365
2. Improve efficiencies by using the software to the fullest extent.
3. Streamline communication
4. Streamline business processes

Delineate target behaviors
Use Outlook to:
send calendar invites and meeting events
schedule rooms for meetings
find peoples emails
make distribution lists
assign specific tasks to individuals or work groups

Describe your players
Deploy appropriate tools
Boss Fights
Content Unlocking
Chat Functionality
Devise Activity Cycles
Find contact email address
Create distribution list
Add weekly staff meeting to calendar
Create signature for outgoing mail
Sample Level
task completion reinforcement or
Progression Stairs
Boss Fights
Don't Forget the ....
Hard Fun - Boss fights
Easy Fun - Avatar, tiles
People Factor - Chat feature, team component
Daily Double Tasks
Tile Redemption

Gen Y, recent hire, MBA
self identifies as tech-savvy
Explorer, easily bored when there is no challenge
Used Outlook before, but not expert
Gen X, Achiever

Been with Dal-Tile 3 years

Enjoys work, finds satisfaction with a job well done

Encouraged by positive feedback

Job security important

Not tech-savvy - want/need training

Baby Boomer, Killer

Been with Dal-Tile 25 years

Children grown, wife retired

Close to retirement, looking forward to golf everyday

Has strong opinion, determined to get his way

Never used Microsoft Office 365

"Why fix it if it's not broken"
Been with Dal-Tile for 5 years, Socializer

Enjoys people in the office

Good at demand planning and networking

Fond of Lotus Notes, did not see need for change

Extra work, not enough benefits
Engagement loops
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