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Touching Bottom By Kari Strutt

No description

Henry Wong

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Touching Bottom By Kari Strutt

Touching Bottom By Kari Strutt
Internal Conflict -
Kari Strutt - The protagonist in the story whom encounters internal and external conflicts as she is desperately trying to survive. Throughout the story, Strutt faced multiple challenges and difficult decisions that she has to make. For example, Kari Strutt insisted on a marriage that her father disproved. Through this marriage she has gained temporary happiness. That is until Strutt sees her husband flirting with another woman, as she is drowning in the ocean with her step son, Ian. Although she is a strong swimmer she "never did get comfortable in murky water: lakes, rivers..." (page 125) or anywhere she couldn't see the bottom for that matter. This is due to an incident that occurred during swimming lesson in a lake when she was seven. A girl whom was in her class got bitten by a leach. Ever since then she sense fear when swimming in places where she cannot see the bottom. After this incident Strutt realized that her husband is untrustworthy and deceptive. Which led to a divorce between Strutt and her husband.
Kari has a fear with going to swim where there is murky water and yet she agreed to go play in the ocean with Ian
Rising Action
When Kari and Ian started to drift away from the shore along with the current. Also when Kari sees her husband was flirting with her husband
Kari's Husband - He is deceptive to Kari. He made Kari think he is a reliable and he loved her for who she is. But in reality he only loved that fact that she is young. Now that they have been with each other for four years. He is flirty with a girl on the beach while his wife and son is drowning.
Ian - He is Kari's husband's biological son. He acted as Kari's best friend throughout the story. Ian is also strong kid, although he was drowning he kept calm and listened to Kari's instructions. Ian valued highly by Kari, he acted as a life support for Kari. When Kari and Ian was drowning, Kari had a responsibility in protecting Ian. That is why she kept pushing even if she has to suppress her limits.
Dad - Kari's dad had provided a sense of protection for Kari. Helping her over come her fear of having her head under the water. He encouraged Kari to take swimming lessons and supported Kari in swim races. He also foreshadowed the outcome of Kari and her husbands future. Kari's dad is also important to Kari. As Kari felt lonely when her father did not attend to her wedding. Kari's dad also help trained and acted as a guidance for Kari as she was drowning. This encouraged Kari to keep going when she is about to give up.
For the majority of the story the setting took place on a beach near Santa Monica pier in California. Where she drowned with her step son Ian. With the exception of a flashback to Camp Kinaird, a summer camp where Kari started to fear swimming in murky water.
Kari is drowning and she is trying to get back up to the surface
Falling action
Kari touches the bottom and realized that she can get back up and swimming back to shore
She has reached to safety and she divorces with her husband. Also Kari now has the courage to swim again
Man vs Self
Kari was giving up on surviving as she drowns in the ocean, she had to over come her fear in order to survive. If she had giving up both her and Ian would have died.
External Conflict -
Man vs Nature
Kari was fighting against the current as she is trying to get to shore along with Ian
Man vs Man
Kari was trying to swim to shore while Ian is scratching her and squirming out of control due to fear. Also Kari experience external conflict as she is watching her husband cheat on her.
Yellow represents a sense of safety in the story. "He wrapped me in a clean yellow towel, and the fear, what was left of it, evaporated." After having to open her eyes under water she was still afraid of preforming that task. But after her father wrapped her in the yellow towel she felt secure and safe. (Page 124)
Throughout the story Kari has been dealing with water. Also how she is comfortable in water where she can see the bottom. Blue is communicating how comfortable Kari is feeling. In the story she described her husband as "a blue wave of charm". This demonstrated her love for her husband when they first met.
Black lines
The black line in the bottom of the pool represents guidance. It help Kari swim in a straight lines, also it got rid of Kari's fear of swimming. Opposite form being in the murky water Kari can see where she is going without being out of place
Being dependent is not always a good thing, by being independent one will discover the potential of freedom and happiness in oneself.
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