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Developmental Timeline

No description

Bobby Tripp

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Developmental Timeline

Birth 1 yr old (cc) image by jantik on Flickr I was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on December 14th 1996 at Jefferson Hospital I was able to set up when I was around 5-6 months I was crawling at around 8 months I started to develop teeth at about month 6 I said my first word "dada" at around 5 months I started to eat baby food at around 5-6 months I started walking around the age of 9 months I started to say more words around 14-16 months I began preschool around the age of 4 2 yrs old 4 yrs old Friends :) My friend Kyle has been one of my best friends since I was in about 4th grade My dad died on September 10 2007 My grandma died in 2010 My other grandma died in 2011 Death of loved ones I graduated from high school June 2013 Graduation I went to Wake Forest University and majored in Political Science College Marriage/Children I married Emilia Newburn at the age of 26 I had two children one boy named Eli and a girl named Brook Career/New Place After me and the family moved to New York City I became a lawyer at a local law firm. I went to graduate school at NYU law-school New Home Right after college I moved into an apartment with Emilia to finish graduate school. After I got a job at a firm we bought a townhouse in New York City New Car After graduating from WFU I got a Chevy Avalanche I took care of my aging mother during her last few years of her life. Caring for parents My Death I died peacefully in my sleep ripe "young" age 102 Grandchildren/Great grandchildren I had 5 Grandchildren I also had 3 Great grandchildren My children graduated high school two years apart Kids Graduate
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