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07.09 Module Project: Assessment

No description

Chelsi Welford

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of 07.09 Module Project: Assessment

07.09 Module Project: Assessment
WWII: Continuation of WWI
WWII: Continuation of WWI
The Treaty of Versailles diluted their army substantially causing their army to weaken severely. It decreased the size of the German Empire forcing them to pay a large amount in reparations for damages from WWI. The treaty of Versailles was supposed to all but destroy Germany but this led them down a path of revenge and hatred that would result in WWII. Germany was left to become a vulnerable government that would have had the election of a totalitarian leader, Adolf Hitler.
WWII: Continuation of WWI
The treaty that ended WWI was the main source of conflict that started WWII. After the Treaty of Versailles with Germany was made, Germany went through a difficult time where they had to pay reparation which created economic problems for the country. This caused for a time of distress for Germany to recover from. Making it nearly impossible for a country to succeed through peaceful means is just the sort of thing that would make people want to play nice. Though it seems obvious now, it took a very a long time for people to recognize this factor.
It was impossible for Germany to meet the treaty's demands. So Germany rebuilt their empire and had it built around the mindset of satisfying their revenge. WWII was the outcome for Germany's revenge and when it began in 1939 it shared many attributes with the first. That is why I have come to the conclusion that WWII was derived from WWI.
The Treaty of Versailles wanted Germany to pay a shocking amount of money to make up for all the damages that they cause in WWI. A committee met in 1912 where they asked for more money. Germany's debt drained their economy; the largest factor in Germany's hostility toward other European countries. The demand was crazy because it would eventually lead to Germany's end and suck their population dry.
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