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Hazardous Waste

No description

Anna Schnakenberg

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Hazardous Waste

How can you Recognize Hazardous Waste?
You can recognize Hazardous Waste by about three things.
Is it a solid waste?
Is it a listed Hazardous Waste?
Does it exhibit any characteristics of Hazardous Waste
What are the different types of Hazrdous Waste?
There are 17 catigories of hazardous waste such as:
Inhalation Hazards
And a Whole Lot More
Hazardous Waste
How Do First Responders Dispose of Hazardous Waste?
Once you find something that exhibits the character traits of hazardous waste, first responders need to come to take care of it. Usually there is a hazardous waste site that they would take the properly packaged material(s) to. From there, it would be taken care of varying the material.
What is Hazardous Waste?
Hazardous Waste is Waste made of chemicals that are dangerous to to the public or the environment. It is categorized by color, symbol, and number.
It is disposed of by first responders.
How Is Hazardous Waste Organized and Taken Care of?
Hazardous Waste is created when someone may accidentaly mix certain chemicals shuch as ammonia and bleach. Then First Responders would be called to take care of it.
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