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BYOD 2014

No description

Donika Anderson-Wagner

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of BYOD 2014

Bayside High School and Health Sciences Academy
BYOD 2014
Other BYOD Successes
* Guest speakers
* Cross-curricular
* Flipped Classroom lessons
* Higher order thinking
* Differentiation and interest-based assignments
* Past trends, current events, future
* 2 minutes-35 minutes

Please use your device and join Edmodo group
BYOD 2014

* Class announcements/alerts-- you can set the time ("Remember to study Ch 8 vocab")
* Parental involvement (they get codes from students-- can only see their student, so no privacy violation)
* Planner (calendar) for upcoming due dates
* Links to online tests
* Backpack replaces flashdrive!
* Place for students to submit work

Small groups for projects (teacher forms and monitors-- they can collaborate outside of school)
Applications for Edmodo

* Save works in progress
* Multi-media
If you have not joined Edmodo yet, please do
so with the school code

without rubber bands
* "
" study and review game
* Travels with kids
* Promethean Board-- gets kids moving
* Parents can play/study with kids
* Students may make own or share
* Drop it to me
* Remind 101
* Shmoop
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