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Langston Szutu

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of p.e.work

Field Hockey
What is Hockey?
High-carbohydrate foods such as whole wheat pasta and bread, potatoes, whole grain cereals, brown rice and vegetables provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals and energy you need for snowboarding. Due to my limited cooking skills, I will be making pasta for my pre-event meal.
Warm ups
Make sure you are nice and warm before you snowboard. The first run should be a fairly easy one just to get you into it. Do not stretch, as it will cool down your body. It is better to do 10mins of cardio before you start so your body is warm.
Ergogenic aids
Hockey is a team sport of the hockey family which is played between two teams of eleven players with hockey sticks and a hard, solid plastic ball.

The game time is divided into two equal halves of 35 minutes each, with 5–10 minutes for half-time.
Hockey is a high activity sport and, like any sport, involves preparation. This includes warm ups and food requirements. Hockey Players must be able to work at a high intensity for a medium time period.
Post event meal
After snowboarding your body needs to recover. To aid your body you must Aim for a meal with 15-30 grams of protein and 30-90 grams of carbs. A good example of this is turkey in a whole wheat roll with a piece of fruit.
If you eat a variety of food your body will be able to get all the vitamins and minerals it needs. However, taking some multi-vitamin and vitamin C tablets may help maintain cartilage and joints which do take a beating when snowboarding.
Taking vitamin supplements is not always good. If you require these supplements it means that your diet does not contain what your body need. Instead of taking these supplements I would advise to change your diet. However, taking vitamin supplements could cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, fatigue, and mild nerve damage.
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