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zohaib aziz

on 19 September 2012

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(portion 157) + (Deuteronomy 27(20) SIMILARTIES BETWEEN BOTH so now The main difference which I noticed after reading both codes was that the Hammurabi code resulted into death into death fairly quick. However in the Mosaic Law they used wording such as “cursed “and refrained from using death. The reason for this would be religion where in the Jewish religion it’s against to kill for something bad that he has done. I all ties up because in the Hammurabi code there was no religion or “book” revealed to them. So it’s not their fault that they didn’t know that to kill was bad. Finally, when the laws were revealed to Moses he was told to punish in different way such as money or fines which we do now days. we will see the differences :) Spark are you ready okay (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr vs. The Code of Hammurabi was discovered in 1901 in present day Iran and has since been returned to its original place in the center of the city of Babylon. Babylonia was located in what is present-day Iraq.(credited to Mr.Taylor) and... The Mosaic law is called “Torah” by it’s first adherents (the ancient Hebrews or “Jews”) and the “Old Testament” by Christians who also include it in their holy writings (scriptures). It is usually attributed to Moses, though it is likely that parts of it developed after Moses time.(credited to Mr.Taylor) okay now this is to much information lets get to the point This was a really unique law which is both codes was idly identical. This law was that if a boy was caught sleeping with his father’s wife they were burnt together in the Hammurabi code or cursed in the Mosaic Law. The language in both passages seemed really alike the only differences were in the ending where in the Hammurabi code it said be burnt together and in the mosaic it said cursed. The reason these differences were there because in the Hammurabi time the codes were made amongst the people not knowing what is good or bad. However in the mosaic era they were reviled to him where god told him the punishment is not death but cursed saying his doors to heaven are closed. The similarity between these laws has come about because both would find it utterly wrong for a boy to sleep with a woman who has married his father leading that this was a universal law which seemed right to everyone who heard it. marriage
Deuteronomy (24) + portion (141) Another similar law in these codes was that if a man was displeased with his wife he may divorce her. However the Hammurabi allowed a man to keep his first wife as a slave and remarry if she was not obedient to him. The reason for this would be that women were treated lower than men since the beginning of time in still the 1900’s where they were given the right to vote and gained their own freedom. Also in both laws it said that they were to owe them money relating this to the society now, if a guy divorces a girl she is allowed to take half of what he owns if they have been married for a certain period of time. This was unique because it shows how we still carry the law from the Babylonian era till now. okay need a bigger bubble When relating these codes to our current justice system in Canada the biggest change was that it is disallowed now to kill for one’s bad acts unlike in the Hammurabi code where death was the first choice. Canada chose to replace death with life in prison because who are we to tell someone it’s there time to die. For example, in the shafia case where the dad had killed his daughter, if it was in the Hammurabi times he would be sent to death but here in Canada he was sent to life in prison. Another similarity between the justice system and the Mosaic Law was that if you stole something you had to back double the amount, same as today we have “fines” which if you were to steal a toy you would pay a $100 fine. This was one law which was carried on since the Babylonian era. Comapring to current justice system The Islamic law and the Mosaic Law was one which I found was identically similar. They both had the same writhing style and used words such as “cursed” or “haram” which means against the religion instead of saying death. Also in both laws the respect of women was treated equally where if a man had divorced his wife he would have to pay a ransom. The reason of these similarities is that both religion Judaism and Islam are as brother and sister to each other they believe that same stuff, however the “Quran” was revealed after “Torah” showing the reasons for the similarities. Relating to Islamic law + = similar laws better then the Hammurabi time where they would kill you instead congratulation hope you enjoyed the little presentation and learned about whats similar and whats not ! The stela was topped with a drawing of Hammurabi bowing down before the God of the Sun, Shamash, with the code of 281 laws below. Hammurabi developed the code in tribute to the Gods.(credited to Mr.Taylor) This code is usually attributed to King Hammurabi who appears to have ordered its inscription in an 8 foot tall cuneiform stela (a large slab that is usually made of wood or stone shaped similar to the western grave headstone).(credited to Mr.taylor) Out of respect for their great leader, Moses’ followers would not have taken credit for their own additions to the law, but would have given Moses the credit by ascribing their work to him.(credited to Mr.Taylor) The most well-know section of Moses’ law is usually called the “Ten Commandments” which Moses is said to have received directly from God in the Sinai dessert at Mount Sinai. Some of the law is about remaining ritually pure, some about making atonement for sin, and some about ordering family and society acceptably.(credited to Mr.Taylor)
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