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Pierce the Veil "Million Dollar Houses"

Just who is "Pierce the Veil"? and what is the meaning behind their ground breaking song "Million Dollar Houses"?

Kendall Peterkin

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Pierce the Veil "Million Dollar Houses"

By Kendall Peterkin Pierce the Veil "Million Dollar Houses" Just Who is "Pierce The Veil" ? The band quickly rose to fame after being one of the very few Mexican-American bands around A Road to Fame... From left to right: Mike, Jaime, Tony, and Victor This is them... Through the Headphones... The real life love story Created in 2006, brothers Mike and Victor Fuentes, who lived in San Diego, formed the band after years of music lessons. Victor, who had been taking voice lessons for ten years prior to the formation of the band, is the lead signer. While younger brother Mike, is the drummer. Later On, Mike and Victor recruited childhood friends, Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado And Then... The songs "King for a Day","Stained Glass Windows","Million Dollar Houses", and "Bulletproof Love" are their most popular. "Million Dollar Houses" It was revealed that the song was about Mike and Victor's parents. According to Victor and Mike, their parents struggled their whole lives to make ends meet. Their father was a painter and scrapped as much money together as he could to support his family. But even through all of their money troubles, their parents continued to stay together and stay deeply in love. The Story: "On my wrist there's a tattoo of your name."
The lyric that describes the tattoo of their mother's name on their father's wrist. This caused fans to be able to link their parents to the song. Lyrics that stick out:
"I wrote this song as a gift to my parents. It's meant to be my dad talking to my mom. My dad has worked very hard his entire life as a painting contractor, struggling and fighting to make enough money to keep us going. We recently had to sell our house because things were just getting too expensive to afford anymore. This song is about how through all the years, my mom and dad have never let money tear them apart, and no matter how bad things got, they’ve always had each other. "
Victor Fuentes
In His Own words: Victor and Mike constantly call their style of music "Mexi-core" a mixture of "Mexican post hard" music . Influences Isles & Glaciers, Underminded, Before Today, Early Times, Sleeping with Sirens, Letlive., A Day to Remember, Chiodos Other bands they were involved with: Mechandise Recently Hot Topic has been selling Pierce the Veil merchandise due to their popularity Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for looking!
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