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Disagreeing and agreeing dress code

No description

nasira kulmiye

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Disagreeing and agreeing dress code

Dress code
yes v.s No Nasira Kulmiye and Ashanti Carter There is alot of disagreeing and agreeing with dress code and today we will discuss why and why not we should have dress code here at North Middle School. Why Yes? 1.It Is goes with school rules
2.You won't be fun of because you are wearing the same clothes. Why No 1.You get to express your self in your own way.
2.Somekinds of kids don't know when enough is enough. Conclusion
We all have diffrent opions of dress code
But I believe that we are all equal and unique in our diffrent ways.We also should'nt let something like dress code get us all worked up.
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