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Email Advertising - step by step

Ginger Nut Media

Ginger Nut Media

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Email Advertising - step by step

Step 1
Who you target depends on what you advertise. Ginger Nut Media can help you to figure this out and help you to target the people most interested in your product.
Step 3
The design needs to be coded to HTML in order to be sent as an email. This is then tested to make sure it works for all email providers before being sent
Step 2
After these 3 initial steps are done, the email campaign is sent to the specific data lists which were decided in the first step.

We monitor the progress of the campaign and record the performance including clicks and opens which we report back to you
Email advertising is easy and a great way to connect with your potential clients.

We have been known to get much better results than our competitors for clients big and small.

Why not give it a go? Call 0207 495 5110 for a free consultation from our expert team.
Ginger Nut Media can design the email creative for you, making this a very easy process for you, or you can design the creative yourselves.
The email designs are created in a specific way in order to give the best performance
Email Advertising
Step by Step - with Ginger Nut Media
What do you want to advertise?
Book the campaign, sign the paperwork and get started on the design!
Here's an example of a successful email creative that we have designed
0207 495 5110 / info@gingernutmedia.com
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