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Real Estate and Social Media Presentation

No description

Jessica Marquoit

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Real Estate and Social Media Presentation

Social Networking Media in the
Real Estate Market Presented by Jessica Marquoit, Nikole Jeffrey, Kimberly Granados, Christina Thao, Chao Dong, & Gloria Barreto Craigslist: Sources "Zillow & Trulia: Zillow wanted to build a system that would allow people to go online and find information on sales.
Trulia, to keep it simple, is essentially a composite of Zillow and Realtor.com.
Zillow and Trulia are NOT real estate brokerage firms.
Zillow and Trulia have large audiences." NearBuy: Interview Findings Insights Too many social media available
It will take time
Not too time-consuming
Social media connects people
People have different ways they want to communicate The Real Estate Market Today Websites Apps What YOU need to know. What to do now? Build image with Facebook and Linkedin to provide information & attract potential clients

Allow clients to access information using Craigslist, Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia

Implement NearBuy, AroundMe, and Homes.com Mortgage Calcluator apps for smartphones to have access to more information. The business BEFORE Social Media was used... Traditionalists
Baby Boomers Fast-forward to TODAY

What method do realtors use to determine Social Media? Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings:
Prevent misunderstandings
Privacy Interviewee:
Susan Truong Past Methods:
Personal showings
Booklets Reasons
Reach high volume
Customer awareness
Brand loyalty
Peer recommendations Using Klout... Using social media will allow good exposure
Targeted group: Investors
Use Facebook as a frame of reference
Criteria when looking for the right social media:
Largest crowd=largest market
Controlling one's reputation=impossible Cons to using Social Media? No weakness!!! Facebook Profile
Analyze trends with "likes"
Personal branding
Gather information
Photos & videos
Create events
Communicate with clientele Social Networking! LinkedIn Profiles of specific realtors
Create custom groups/searches to network with local realtors Free
63,216,431 users
Must have:
Gripping title
Information Virtual tours
"Drop" listings into Google database from iPhone AroundMe Information about:
Interesting places! Homes.com Mortgage Calculator Instant
No brokers
Insert client's information
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1. Planet
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3. Profit Sustainable (Hall, n.d.) http://www.s2srealestatesolutions.com/ "Realtor.com: National Association of Realtors (Logue, 2011 (Elwell, n.d.) REALTOR.com was developed to provide consumers with a single online resource for all property listings.

It remains the #1 most visited homes-for-sale site, with more than 6 million consumers visiting each month, and it is also for free.

The NAR governs the hundreds of local "Multiple Listing Services" Future plans? Use social media and possibly go global (News, 2013)
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