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6 Bs of Successful Social Marketing

Learn the 6 B(e)s of Successful Social Marketing. Contact matt@hellosocialmarketing.com for Social Consulting or Prezi design. And visit http://bit.ly/6SocialCs to see Part 1.

Matt Hollowell

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of 6 Bs of Successful Social Marketing

Practice Karma
FYI: every time a user logs into Facebook, they are presented with one of two streams: "Top News" and "Most Recent". The vast majority of users report that they *never* view "Most Recent", which means that you need your posts to be in the "Top News" stream.

How do you get featured there? By getting likes and comments on your posts. So...be generous in your likes of others' posts, and they will likely return the favor.
To reiterate, only you have your personal expertise (and just realizing that is valuable). Be honest with who you are and what you have to offer. Turn that into open advice, and you have a winning combination.
It is very, very important that you are present and available; your audience expects it of you. At the minimum, visit your Page once a day; better...more than once, but at the very least, check it every single day.
*You* know what is important to your business; more so, you know what is important to your customers. Though persona and personality are important to maintain don't stray too far from your brand message.
Your Page should not be viewed as a one-way marketing channel...not by you and not by your audience. Life is a complex experience, one that extends far beyond your business.

Address the breadth of the experience, and you will engage the reality in your community.

It's a tricky balance: 1) being relevant; 2) being holistic 3) marketing your products and services.
Being yourself is the only tactic that will truly work, and it underlies every other point.
You must "be" your Social Marketing. Though developing an addict mentality is unhealthy, you must fully embrace Social platforms and have them constantly top-of-mind to succeed.
Just because you put a nail into a board doesn't mean you are building a house.
Be Honest
Just Be
The 6 B's of Successful
Social Marketing

Previously. We covered the M.O.S.T. system and the 6 C's. Today, the 6 B's are on the agenda. Let's get started!
in this Prezi we'll be covering in more detail how to get the most out of your Social Marketing.
Thank you!
First, realize that simply
to "B" is
half of "FB".
(Occasionally, this Prezi discusses Facebook specifically,

but the general principles apply to most Social Marketing.)
Key Takeaway:
Be generous with your activity (Comments, Likes, Shares) and you will be rewarded. It's Karma, and it's natural. Goodness begets goodness, so be generous with yours.
Key Takeaway:
People trust
people (not companies, or entities, or brands), so be someone to trust. Be honest and be real with your audience, and they will be real with you.
Key Takeaway:
Every day is a new day and brings with it new points, new challenges, and new opportunities. Think in the moment and post accordingly. Your audience will appreciate it.
Key Takeaway:
Social Media is about being social. If I only spoke to you about me, you would stop listening. Remember that your fans are people first; perhaps, on occasion, you should help remind them of this.
Key Takeaway:
YOU are your brand's most valuable asset, both in person and online. Don't forget to be both. Your fans are their real selves on Facebook; they expect the same consistency and transparency from you.
The highlights:
Add Karma into your marketing mix. Give as much as you can, be generous with your Social interactions, and lean on your expertise.
So, to wrap up...
3) Be Present
1) Be Generous
2) Be Honest
6) Be You
Just Be
4) Be Relevant

* approachable
* generous
* present
* real
* imaginative
* an expert
The 6 B's of Successful
Social Marketing

by Matt Hollowell,
Hello Social, LLC
contact: Matt Hollowell, owner, Hello Social, LLC
Now get to work! :o)

Collection: Customers
Content Creation
Collection: Contacts
6 C's of
Social Marketing
6 C's of
Social Marketing
First, let's run through a brief recap of
the previous presentation and its content.
Sweepstakes work for some people (random drawing out of a pool of entries), but contests that require action, participation, & attention generally lead to better results. Focus on building a community of fans...not just strangers who want to win something.
Be generous with your advice and knowledge. You are an expert in your field (and if you aren't, add "become an expert" to your Strategy). Let your fans know why they should come to you and they will: answer questions, post advice, and solve problems.
Think of ways to incentivize action on your Page. Reward those who actively participate in your community, and others will take notice. Sometimes it takes giving to get, so use generosity to your advantage.
Be generous with your likes, comments, and shares. Focusing all of your time on yourself and your content will leave you lonely and frustrated.
Be Generous
Honesty and trust are the foundation of the Social world. To be successful, you must be honest with those who have connected with you. List your credentials on your Page for all to see, and let your audience know why they should trust you, what you can do for them, and that you are available to them (then follow through).
Bonus: List others who help manage your Social properties; this helps to build credibility, transparency, & trust.
Be Present
Oftentimes, it's hard to see the single interactions that will change the future of your business. But be sure that you will miss them if you aren't present when they appear.
When a customer engages with you in any capacity (unless it's blatantly off-topic or intended to harm...in which case, you don't want them as a customer anyway), they are opening the door. Greet them, be generous, be humble, and listen for how you can help them (then do it).
When you receive engagement (likes, comments, shares, mentions), follow up as soon as possible. Your personal follow-up is highly important to relationship- and trust-building, so don't delay.
Key Takeaway:
If you don't see your Facebook Page as a priority, your audience won't either. Be there, and let them know that you are there; chances are, they'll show up for the party.
Be You
Be Holistic
Be Relevant
Be generous with your referrals, recommendations, and partnerships. One of the best tactics for customer acquisition and customer retention is empowering your users to refer you and your services. And that truth applies to every other business, as well. So do your part.
Honesty also means facing the music when something goes wrong; don't run from the truth in times of crises, and be honest with yourself when you need to be. Every company has rough patches; be prepared for them and be honest with your audience.
In other words, stay away from controversy and opinion, unless it's part of your brand.
And continually find out what's important to your community (and expect to evolve). How? Simply ask.
ask simple, relevant questions; the less complicated and less thought required from your audience, the higher the likelihood for engagement.
Your Marketing
Biz Information
*All About You*
Social Causes
Customer Discovery
Promote your fans
Surface general content
*All About Them*
Ask fans what they want from you, how you can improve, etc.
Solidify a trusted partnership using empathy & personality
Enhance the community by empowering it to speak/share
*This is still about you, but it incorporates them*
If you want your Social Marketing efforts to be successful, you must earn it by connecting and engaging with your fans; if you don't have an engaged audience to speak to, you don't have an audience to speak of.
And when you don't know what to do, seek out answers.
When you know there are customer issues, offer to help;
When you have questions, ask them;
When you hear/read customers discussing the latest breaking news, post about it;
When you take a photo related to your business (or perhaps not related), upload & tag it;
Be yourself, and relax. Commit to simply being in the Social moment and much of your anxiety will disappear.
Loosely schedule your content, and mix it up. Stay on message and in character, but stretch your boundaries based on what you know/learn about your fanbase. They appreciate a distraction, a but of humor, and a helping hand.
There's no quicker road to Social Marketing failure than abandonment. The web is littered with pages, profiles, and accounts that have been long forgotten. You're ahead of the game if you simply commit to showing up!
These days, honesty = currency. And it can't be counterfeited. Find your truth, stick to it, and your desired audience will respond.
5) Be Holistic
Own the space you have created by being yourself, listening to your gut, and relying on your expertise and experience...and you will see many returns on your investment.
If your Social Marketing reflects these attributes, which you already possess, your audience will be drawn to you, to your content, and to your personal brand.
You, dear reader, are:

* creative
* forward-thinking
* outgoing
* kind
* reliable
* likeable
Don't pick up a hammer before you know what you want
to build, and don't decide to build before you know *why*.
Key Takeaway:
Make your Facebook Page part of your daily routine, and it will soon become a useful habit. Your audience knows this; just take a look at their profiles.

And they expect you to know it, too.
To view part 1, "The 6 C's of Successful Social Marketing", click here: http://bit.ly/6SocialCs
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