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keandre evans

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of THE MYSTERY ONZA

the cat with bottomless stomach this whacky animal sprints like a cheetah but it is too tall for a cheetah. This animal can eat up to a full grown horse and a cow but not at the same time they rarely ever eat horses or cows they only take what they can eat like a pig,chicken,and rabbit is its normal foods for a day they do not hibernate and if you see one once there is a very slight chance that you will see it again because they like to stick around there homes. features of the onza the onza looks like a puma but it is skinnier it is related to a African cheetah. Its tail is super long and its ears are long and lupine. It sleeps with its ears perked up so it can hear everything that moves. It doesn't really sleep it kinda half sleeps with its eyes slightly slanted open so it can see movement. some believe some don't Output The onza is a very secretive animal, and the only people who have encountered it either died or were positive it was not a puma or a mountain lion (cougar). The onza mystery is not entirely solved. People have spent years looking for its home, but they have found nothing. The only the people who saw the animal either saw it by accident or they were hunting and thought it was a puma or a mountain lion. They killed it but once they found out it wasn't a puma or mountain lion, they skinned it and kept the scull as a souvenir to show off. what do you think of my prezi? onza do you believe the mystery cat? Some people think it is just a bunch of hooey and don't believe in it, because they have never seen it for themselves, and think that it would be in a zoo or museum of some sort. It is quite hard to catch a rare cat, that hasn't even been seen allot. I haven't seen it and I believe in it. Some people have seen it but did not capture it. They did not want it to be in a miserable zoo or exhibit or getting dissected cause it mite be the last of its kind
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