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purple loosestrife

No description

hannah kellerman

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of purple loosestrife

By:Hannah Kellerman Purple Loosestrife.
It is mostly called Lythrum Salicaria. It is a perennial. Distribution The Purple Loosestrife is from Europe and North American wetlands. The Loosestrife can be found in Europe, Canada, and the United States. It wasn't intentionally or unintentionally introduced. It was sent on ships that had livestock's. Which collected seeds while on the ships and it spread. Effects on People People use the Loosestrife for tea and for medical reasons. They also use it for infections or cuts. The Purple Loosestrife does have consequences. It can take over peoples gardens and there crops can die. Food Web The Purple Loosestrife is a producer in the food web and is the first thing you will see. The Loosestrife primarily threatens the wetlands and habitats. It is the biggest impact on the food web recorded. Many other animals eat the Purple Loosestrife. Effects on Ecosystem The effects the Purple Loosestrife has on the ecosystem is that they spread rapidly. Which that can effect other species with difficulty surviving. The Purple Loosestrife took over a lot of the wild life. Which left less room for animals to live. Reason for Success Issues for the future Yes, there is something to control the growth or spread of the Loosestrife. The are chemicals called Herbicide. Which they put on the stems on the flower and it stops the growth. A good thing is that it stops the spread and growth. A bad thing is that the chemicals they use could affect the enviroment around it. The Purple Loosestrife is successful because it is used for medical reasons. It also gave life for more animals and it gave more color to the world. It is successful where it is now because no one ever touches them and they just grow and spread all over the place.
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