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No description

courtney richmond

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Night

Night Summary: In the book Night, but Elle Wiesel, it discusses the Holocaust and what it was like being involved in it. It's a very sad, tragic time period. The Germans were trying to rid the country of all jewish people and anyone else who wasn't german. But, mainly the jews. In order to make this a sucess, the Germans would kill everyone who wasn't German. If you were something other than German you were sent to a concentration camp and were segregated by men and women. If you weren'y strong enough to survive to were sent to the crematory where you would be cremated. Conflict Internal: Elie loses faith in God and feels remorse/guilt for not helping his father.

External: Franek asked Elie to give him his gold cap and Elie told him no. So, Franek started getting his father beat during marches.
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