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No description

schneider limose

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Love

Love by Schneider Limose
I dedicate these poems and songs to the lovely Leticia Silva
Table of Contents
1.Title page
4.Something About You...
6.Please Let Me Love You
8.to my one and only love
10.One Love
12.Because of You
14.Forever I'll Wait
16.love forever
18.If I Was Your Man
20.Love Song-Rihanna Ft. Future
21.figurative devices/explanation
29.Work cited
Something About You...
by Cate Haggland
I don't know how to explain it,
If only you could truly see,
How much I really care for you,
How much you mean to me.

I look forward to seeing you every day,
The grin that belongs only to you,
When I see you I can't help but smile,
There is just something about you.

When you put your hand in mine,
My heart suddenly beats faster,
I wish I could tell you right then and there,
That my life could never be better.

When you wrap your arms around me,
For a simple, gentle hug,
I want to stay in that moment forever,
And tell you how much you really are loved.

When we gradually come close enough together,
Our lips touch, a kiss,
Nothing around us seems to matter,
Because there is nothing sweeter than this.

No words could ever express how much you mean to me,
I hope you have these feelings for me, too;
I can't figure out just what it is,
But there is definitely something very special about you.

Please Let Me Love You
by Karen Robertson
Please let me love you, surrender your heart and give
me at least one chance to prove to you how I feel.
Please let my love show you all the ways in my heart,
that my love for you is so right and so real.
Please allow me to open my heart's fragile doors and embrace
you, holding you close to me.
Please let me demonstrate that my love can give your
heart wings and set you free.
Please let me prove my worthiness that I will never hurt
you like you've been hurt so many times before.
Please lend me your heart even if just for a moment and
together in love, on the wings of passion to the heavens
in ecstasy we will soar.
Please don't be afraid to accept my love, please don't
push me away. If you let me in your life, I will prove to
you my love will never fade, and as long as you still want
me, I promise by your side I will stay.
Please try to understand that I cannot change how I feel
for you overnight. I love you and that is simply a fact.
Please know that as I gaze up at the first stars of the evening,
and wish that you were still mine, my salty tears are shining
in the soft moonlight.
Please let me love you, for no matter how far apart or how
different our relationship may be, we are meant to be
together and this I pray that you will soon see.
Please just love me, for this is all I'll ever ask, and in return,
I'll always love you right back.
to my one and only love
by San jay Patel
I need not look toward the moon
when you are the beauty of my life

I need not seek the sun
when you are the light of my soul

I need not search the heavens
when you are the very beat of my heart

the universe is but an atom of my love
all of which i find in you
and with every breath I take
I think of you, my love

you are but a piece of moon on earth
which i can never forget
and if I was granted but one wish to make
I would wish for thy eternal happiness

I will love no one but thee
till the day I die
and then beyond...
Poetry can be almost anything. An example is Love, mystery, or sadness. My past few weeks talking and writing about poetry has changed my opinion on poetry. I think poetry is a way people can go and express there feeling towards thing on a piece of paper. According to Wordsworth "poetry is the spontaneous overflow feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility”. Poetry could also be the recording of the best and happiest and best mind, according to Percy by She Shelly.
Like I said at the beginning poetry can be about anything. The theme of all the 8 poems and the one song is love. I chose this theme because it could express my feeling toward my dedication. These poem selections are written by many different authors. Those 8 poems and one song are going to be very enjoyable.

One Love
by Destiny R. Patten

One love in a lifetime,
One love in my heart.
You were my love
Right from the start.

You hold the only key to my heart,
You are the one I have given my heart to.
For this lifetime and the next
...It will belong to you.
Because of You
by Maria R.
Because of you...
I found out what it meant
To really love someone
As much as I love you.

Because of you...
I learned there was more to life
Than just what I saw
And all I see now... is you.

Because of you...
I know what it is to feel special
And have someone love me
For who I am in every way.

Because of you...
I discovered what the word LOVE meant
And to me LOVE is
The way I feel when I see you.
Forever I'll Wait
by ITSme
I sometimes feel my heart will burst
from wanting you so much
I can't explain in words of how
I long to feel your touch

There is no way I can convey
this emptiness inside
That seems to tear my soul to shreds
as time goes swiftly by

If I could merely hold you near
for just a little while
If I could simply talk with you
or only see you smile

To have you look into my eyes
and wait to hear you say
Something that would help me
to take this pain away

If I have to wait forever
I guess that's what I'll do
For me, it will be worth it
to finally be with you
love forever
by wyn
not being here i miss you so much
waiting for another day to feel your touch
maybe right now... love doesn't seem right
but I won't give up without a fight
for I know a minute of your love
would last in my heart forever
give me one small chance and I'll cry never
eternity and beyond, I'd wish for you
someone who I know.... I love so true
If I Was Your Man
by Brandan Sharard Simmons
If I was your man,
I would be the only man you'll ever need.
I would brag,
Tell my friends all about you,
Tell them what you do.
Girl you're always on my mind.
I'll hold you all the time.
But every time I close my eyes,
I see you with another man.
But I want you here with me,
For eternity.
So all I can say:

If I was your man,
I would do all that I can.
I'll hold your heart.
We will never part.
I want you so,
And I won't let you go.
But I'm not yours,
You're not mine.

If I was your man,
There would be many things that we would do,
Like hold hands,
Arm in arm,
Do many things,
If I was your man.
You would be the Queen of my Heart.
I'll love you
And cherish you,
Be the best man for you
So you don't have to worry
And don't you be afraid.

If I was your man,
I would do all that I can.
I'll hold your heart,
Lady, we will never part.
I want you so,
But I got to let it go.
'Cause I'm not yours,
You're not mine.
[Hook: Future]
I don't wanna give you the wrong impression
I need love and affection
And I hope I'm not sounding too desperate
I need love and affection
Love Love Love
Love and affection
Love Love
L-o-v-e and affection

[Verse 1: Rihanna]
Oh baby I'm not asking for the world maybe
You can give me what I want baby
Come hold me tight and when I'm drowning save me
Give it to me on a daily
If I'm your girl say my name, boy
Let me know I'm in control
We both grown so how we feel we can let it show
I won't play around
I wanna lay you down
I need you now
I need you now ohhhhh

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Rihanna]
Boy lately you've been stingy with your time
Got me wondering I'm wondering
If I'm on your mind
Boy I just wanna be in your possession
Saying I'm the one you want
So come express it
Don't slip don't slip
Cause a might push up on it
Don't really wanna lose this moment
Why window shop
When you own this
Don't put it down
Don't around
I want you now
I want you know ohhhhh

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 3: Future]
Can you love me for poor
I'm searching for my soul
Who ever turned you cold
You need to let him know
I can work miracles
I'll work your physical
And when I love you close
You can feel my heart
Beating through my clothes
Love Song-Rihanna Ft. Future
Figurative Devices and Explanation
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Work cited
1.Alliteration:The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.
Ex:Alice's aunt ate apples and acorns around August.

2.Assonance:In poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in non rhyming stressed syllables near enough to each other for the echo to be discernible.
Ex:"hear the mellow wedding bell's"by Edgar Allenpoe.

3.Consonance:Agreement or compatibility between opinions or actions
Ex:Mammals named Sam are clammy.

4.Hyperbole:Exaggerated statements or not meant to be taken literally.
Ex:I am so hungry I could eat a horse.

5.Metaphor:A figure of speech in which a word or phase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.
Ex:Time is a thief.

6.Meter:in poetry,meter is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in a verse.many traditional verse forms prescribe a specific verse meter,or a certain set of alternating in a particular order.
Ex:the time of year thou mayst in me behold.

7.Onomatopoeia:The formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named.

8.Personification:The attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non human.or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.
Ex.The stars danced playfully in the moonlight slay.

9.Simile:A figure of speech involving the comparison of one think with another thing of a different kind,used to make a description more emphatic or vivid.
Ex As brave as a lion.

10.Symbol: A thing that represent or stands for something else.A material object representing something abstract.
Ex:"The limousine was another symbol of his wealth and authority

the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing.
Ex Wordsworth campaigned against exaggerated poetic diction
Refrain refers to a repeated line or stanza.
Ex:“Into the Valley of Death Rode the six hundred” from Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Tennyson.
is a repeated word or short phrase.
Ex:“If” by Rudyard Kipling.
The reason why I pick this poem is because the author truly express there feeling to their loved one. She goes in detail when she expresses her feeling. I like the fact how she goes and describes her mood. It really reminds me of a special somebody. This poem fits the love category very well.
The poem Please Let Me Love You by Karen Robertson was about a person who is deeply in love with another person who does not like them back. The person in love goes in depth and describes how they want the person there in love with. The poem was excellent.The reason why I think that is because I could deeply relate to it. The poem had lots of hyperbole that made it more pleasant to read. But in conclusion I really understood the true meaning behind this poem.
This poem to my one and only love
by San jay Patel was unique. The reason why I think this is because the author starts and says "I need not" then makes the girl 10 times better than what he really needs. I truly loved that refrain. The refrain is what caught my attention when I picked this poem. I also like the fact how he goes and makes the girl his everything. This poem was truly different from the other but had the same meaning behind it.

. In the poem One Love by Destiny R. Patten the author express how the person they love was there one love. I found this poem to be very well written. You can truly tell the author really loved this person because of the way they uses the word love. I chose this poem because it fit the love category and my dedication.
The Poem was a beautiful way for the author to express their love.

Some people fall in love but the person there in love with does not love them back. Wyn the author of the poem love forever, has a very strong point in the poem. In the poem he says "But I won't give up without a fight for I know a minute of your love”. This part tells almost everybody to fight for love. That’s what I am going to do. That’s why I picked this poem because of the word choice and meaning in the poem.

I have found many definition of love but nothing was as good as this poem. In the poem Because of You by Maria R. the author say "I discovered what the word LOVE meant And to me LOVE is The way I feel when I see you". That Part really makes me think about the girl I dedicated this to. The author did a very good job writing this poem. I truly love that ending. It could not have been written any better.

I have been turning down plenty of time by the girl I dedicating this to. But in the poem Forever I'll Wait by ITSme The author says "If I have to wait forever I guess that's what I'll do for me, it will be worth it to finally be with you”. That part was really beautiful. It makes me really happy. That’s another good poem that fits the love category.

If I Was Your Man by Brandan Sharard Simmons is a poem basically about a guy who loves this girls but the girl has a man.
It’s a poem I really love. The reason why I love this poem is because it reminds me of my dedication. It really fits the love category. When the author says “I would brag, tell my friends all about you" it kinda sounded like something I would have done to my dedication. In conclusion I really could relate to this poem and really loved it.

Rhyme scheme

Rhyme scheme
The ordered pattern of rhymes at the ends of the lines of a poem or verse.
My cat is nice.A
My cat likes mice.A
My cat is fat.B
I like my cat. B
The figurative device use in the song was hyperbole,personification,refrain,and rhyme scheme.
The reason why I picked this song is because it was the one that best fit the category. I love the tone of the song.I also loved the way Rihanna and Future go on describing how they need love and affection.The song is one of my favorites.Rihanna and Future have really good lyrics to the song.Over all it had a really good mood to it.
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