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My Career

No description

Susana Basurto

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of My Career

My Career
- I want to be
a singer
a actor

-The right outfit
-The right hair and makeup
The right sound for the song
-Make up
- I picked these career becuase i feel that this is what expries me and show me in dieffrent ways.
- I want go to The University Of Arts and the reason why is becuase its has all the things i want to do, it can also show more of the things i will need for my career. It also has more class that i can try out. Also i want to get over my fiare of praforming infort of people.
The School I Want To Go To? And Why?
How Much Will It Cost?
-The total cost per year that i would have to pay is $39,908.
-The way i will pay is by working a part time job and also with the help of my family to pay whatever the rest i need to pay.
- Set
Where Will I Work At?
- I will work in two different places.
- But I am not sure I mite start performing like at a young age like made 14 or 15 depending on what my family thinks but who knows.
-But that's only if i can't start acting or doing the rest of my career I think of doing at a young age.
- The first place i will work at is the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and that where the school i am going to is at. When i finish the school I will live in a apartments i mite be living there for 1 or 2 years just to explore and to see if i can finds a job there to star getting notice. During the summer time it will be just like here. I am not to sure about the winter but who knows mite be the same too.
- If i start acting and dancing and sing at a young age i would live in Burbank, California becuase there is where kids can start acting at a young age and its would be kind of easy to fine a job of acting there becuase there are lost of studios there like disney channle studio for example and also the nickalodan studio.
- Both city look calm and i will be ging the same thing for both city sing and dancing of cores if i am still at a young age i will be in school and then after school i would go and look for a studio that needs a girl to act for them in a show.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvanai
Burbank, California
How Much Would They Pay Me If I Worked As A Young Actor ?
- I don't really how much the would pay but from what i read is that they pay you depening on the viewing and rateing of the TV show. For example the main star of the show Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus got paid $33,500 a month for the viewing and rateing of the show. Also i read that when she was in interviews talking about the show or her life she got paid a lot after each interviews.
Main Star Payment
For all of the other child actors in the show they got paid from $12,000 to $18,500 all depending on season ratings and stuff like that.
Other Actors or Back Up Actors Payment
How Much Would They Paid Me If I Was A Young Singer?
- I really dont know how much they would paid a young singer but i think they would paid them depining on how meny people start listing to them or how meny CD they sell or the amuont of people coming to see them at concert.
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