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Doors Open London 2012

An overview of the innovative marketing and promotional strategies used in Doors Open London 2012.

London Heritage Council

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Doors Open London 2012

Rebranding in the beginning... time to spice things up now fresh but familiar dedicated website new partnerships and we continue to develop... innovation the best part is.... fun
interactive unconventional it is still the tried and trusted event that is beloved by our community getting the message out there.... What is Heritage? we use an integrated marketing mix, where social media is a compliment to traditional media the past the present our stories the future Sharing DO London with the community benefits of social media it's free
a viral and instant dissemination of information
opportunity to captivate future generations
opportunity to build relationships
word of mouth promotions
opportunity for authentic responses to your audiences comments & questions
product credibility, support & trust
get to know your audience & gain insight on your brand social media DO London Best Practices
giving to your community MISSION
The London Heritage Council is a not-for-profit cultural heritage umbrella organization. Our mission is to inspire, nurture and manage innovative initiatives through collaboration and coordination in the region.

Demonstrate Leadership in Cultural Heritage
Embrace Inclusivity
Engage Diversity
Encourage Networking
Encourage Innovation

The London Heritage Council will be the catalyst for a strong, vibrant cultural heritage community. engaging supporters funding relationships create a conversation joint staff
joint funds
joint effort facebook.com/londonheritagecouncil
@HeritageCouncil $5 per day for 2 adults + 2 children 500 posters still curious about DO London? give us a call: 519-930-2140
send us an email: info@londonheritage.ca
check us out: September 28 & 29, 2013 joint sites/activities Brassroots at London Life 9 local newspapers & magazines
6 multicultural newspapers
2 student newspapers
online ads & editorial
editorial coverage in approx. 60%
promotional & weekend coverage print media billboard 512 Friends 1295 Followers map guides 90,000 printed - 12 pages, full colour
12,000 to sites, partners, libraries, community centres, schools, our office
78,000 distributed through LFPress boxes, subscribers and surrounding communities traditional ad ticker tape teaser ticker tape in 5 languages online ad radio paid ads & interview on 4 FM stations
editorial coverage on 2 AM stations
"live on location" at media spotlight TV CTV sponsored
30 seconds long
2 week run
6pm news hour let's look at the numbers 87 sites
113 activities
~30,000 public
engagement YaY!
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