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Jill Sinclair

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of HS812

Ethical and Legal issues in Advanced Practice

How do you make ethical decisions
Gut / Initial reaction

Experience / Intuition

Auto pilot

Ethical decision making models

Principled thinking
Ethical Decision making models


Ethical Analysis frameworks

Many Many more

Ethical theory
- virtue ethics
- ethic of care
- deontological theory
- utilitarian theory
Jeremy Bentham
Immanuel Kant
Learning Outcome

What is ethics ?
Ethics (from the Greek, ethikos)

- The branch of philosophy that deals with moral dimensions

- Concerned with what is right and wrong behaviour in a moral sense i.e.
- How people should behave
- What they should do in certain
- How they should treat other

The unfortunate experiment - HDC

Mandatory Reporting


Medicines Act


Privacy Act

Protected Disclosures Act (http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/video/33107/neil-pugmire-returns-to-work)
Ethical Issues in Practice
What does the research say ??

- Commonly occurring issues
> unsafe staff levels / healthcare
practices / colleagues
> breaches of ethical principles /
patient rights
- Moral Distress
- Leaving nursing
- Wouldn't recommend nursing as a career
HDC Cases
Professional Conduct Committee
Competency Review Panel

What happens when things don't go right ??
What happens when things go really wrong ??
Examples from Practice
Think of when you have been faced with an ethical issue

How did you react ....

Who did you talk to ...

What was done about it ...

How do you feel about it now ...
HPDT Cases
HRRT Cases
High Court
Coroners Court

Changes in Health Care Law
'To tell or not to tell'
'A women's rights'
'Duty or Interference'
'When to tell'
'For the greater good'
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