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COD: Black Ops Zombies Kino der toten

No description

Erick Salazar

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of COD: Black Ops Zombies Kino der toten

COD: Black Ops
Zombies Kino der toten Weapons Pistols Python - Cobra CZ75 - Calamity CZ75 Dual Wield - Calamity and Jane M1911 - Mustang and Sally Launchers China Lake - China Beach M72 Law - M72 Anarchy Sniper Rifles L96A1 - L115 Isolator Dragunov - D115 Disassembler Sub - Machines Guns AK74u - AK74fu2 MP5K - MP115 Kollider MPL - MPL-LF MP40 - The AfterBurner PM63 - Tokyo and Rose Spectre - Phantom Shotguns Olympia - Hades HS10 - Typhoid and Mary SPAS-12 - SPAS-24 Stakeout - Raid Light Machine Guns RPK - R115 Resonator HK21 - H115 Oscillator Special Weapons Ray Gun - Porter's X2 Ray Gun Ballistic Knife - The Krause Refibrillator Crossbow - Awful Lawton Thundergun - Zeus Cannon Strategies 1.- You run around the theatre until the zombies are following you. 2.- You run around the map until the zombies follow you is more effective in the mode solo.
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