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Common Core Overview

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Kaycie Soderling

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Common Core Overview

Kaycie Sharrow
North Knox School Corporation Common Core Overview What are they?
How are they different?
What's the big deal? A set of standards for ELA and Math

All standards are linked to college and career readiness standards. This makes the standards vertically articulate from K-12 What are they? 45 states and 3 territories have adopted the Common Core Are clear, understandable and consistent

Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through HIGH-ORDER SKILLS Fewer, Clearer, Higher Students, Parents, Administrators and Teachers from ACROSS STATES can now "speak a common language"= COLLABORATION! How are they different? Clearly organized and navigable (see organization slide) "Grade bands" at secondary level allow for flexibility Standards are "Core" conceptual understandings and procedures, thus allowing teachers to FOCUS and gain more depth on important ideas There are two testing consortia: Smarter Balanced and PARCC

Indiana is a PARCC state How will the Common Core be assessed? These Consortia will provide both SUMMATIVE AND FORMATIVE assessments Assessment will become more transferable. If a student achieves proficiency in one state, they will meet proficiency in another. The PARCC assessment will be available 2014-2015 http://www.parcconline.org/ Three sections: ELA K-5, ELA 6-12 and Literacy in other Content Areas Organization- ELA/ Literacy Each ELA section has Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Language Strands

Literacy in the Content Areas focuses on just reading and writing Each of the standards within an ELA strand corresponds to a College and Career Readiness Standard The College and Career Readiness Standards are research-driven objectives which indicate what students must know and be able to do in order to enter college or a career directly out of high school College and Career Readiness Standards ELA The Math standards are two-fold: Content Standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice Organization-Math Content standards are organized by Domain, Standard and Cluster Standards for Mathematical Practice These Standards are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business. They are a call to take the next step. It is time for states to work together to build on lesson learned from two decades of standards based reforms. It is time to recognize that these standards are not just promises to our children but promises we intend to keep. (corestandards.org) So... So what would it look like? Language Arts Math Introduction: Where did they come from and Why? Science Social Studies Download the Standards:

ELA & Literacy

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