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Hawthorne Says

No description

Cale Williams

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Hawthorne Says

Chart of Accounts: Ditch the Paper
Speaking of the COA
Make your own... Have a cheat sheet of your most common vendors along with "V" codes and GL Codes
Helpful Tip
So you want to make that cheat sheet, or you're just looking for a vendor and can't find them?

Try searching using their street address, zip code or phone number.

Helpful Tips
- Input invoices every 2 - 3 days minimum
- Keep your batches to 20 or fewer
- Group invoices from the same vendor
- Separate Rehab and Operational invoices into different batches
- Details, Details, Details!
Thank You!
If you want to know more about any of these tips, how to use the "Snip Tool" or what software I'm using, just let me know
Hot Keys
1. Ctrl + T: Open a blank tab in your web browser (internet explorer)
2. Ctrl + K: Open duplicate tab in your web browser (internet explorer)
3. Ctrl + Tab: Cycle through tabs on your browser
4. Alt + Tab: Cycle through open windows/programs on your computer
5. Windows Icon + Tab: Same as above, but looks cooler

6. Ctrl + A: Highlight all text
7. Ctrl + C: Copy highlighted text
8. Ctrl + X: Delete highlighted text
9. Ctrl + V: Paste highlighted text
10. Ctrl + F: Search for a specific word or phrase
11. Ctrl + P: Print
12. Ctrl + S: Save

13. Ctrl + Backspace: delete whole words at a time
14. Ctrl + Left/Right: jump whole words left or right
15. Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right: Highlight whole words left or right

Mess Up?
If you realized you ever coded an invoice wrong, as long as you're in the same accounting month, you can reclass it yourself
Hawthorne Says:
Master Your Invoices
Remember these tips to make your life easier
Or This?
Work Smart, Not Hard
- Open Yardi and Payscan simultaneously
- Use "Expense Distribution" and "Budget Comparison"
- Fragment search using %%
Invoice Audit and Closeout
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