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Jeannine Burk-- holocaust surviver

No description

Tessa Gehr

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Jeannine Burk-- holocaust surviver

Jeannine Burk-- holocaust survivor
Jeannine's family during the holocaust
during the holocaust, Jeannine's dad was taken to Auschwitz, where he was gassed. her brother was already safe and hidden in a christian home for boys. But, her sister was not easily moved around because of her bone disease called osteomyelitis so she was still at home when the gestapo came to their home along with her mom. they didn't take them, but said they would be back so her sister was taken to a catholic hospital to stay and she was safe staying there. lastly, her mom hid at a nurseing home out in the country but she didnt look like a stereotypical jewish person because she had blonde hair and blue eyes.
what life was like at camp Auschwitz
Jeannines dad was sent to camp auschwitz. it was a concentration and death camp. this camp was the largest out of all and 1.1 million people were killed at this camp. it was near oswiecim, poland. they had camoflauge gas tanks in their showers to kill camp members. if you were sent to the right it meant you would be a camp prisoner and if you were sent to the left it meant you would be murdered. the living conditions were horrible. three prisoners had to share one bunk on a bed. the toilets were buckets and were always overflowing. there was roll call outside everymorning in freezing conditions, after that you would be marched to where you have to work for the day. they would experiment on twins dwarfs and any person that looked "different."
Jeannine had one brother that was 12 years older than her and one sister that was 8 years older than her. also, she had a father and a mother and they all lived together in one home. growing up, they were a poor family especially compared to other jewish families living in Belgium. Jeannine's sister had a disability and had a hard time moving around so she had to stay in bed most of the time because she was in a full body cast. Her parents were very caring and did anything they could to save their children.
during the holocaust Jeannine was hidden in a women's house from ages three to five. she does not remember being hugged or loved while growing up. even though she was not loved Jeannine was never mistreated. she was always afraid of being caught. she remembers being most scared when the nazis had their parades. she does not know why, but they made her the most frightened. she would hide out in the outhouse in the farthest little corner there was a crack in the front and she thought since she could see them that they could see her. also, growing up she never owned any toys. she was so alone and scared her entire childhood during the holocaust.
Jeannine Burk's family and life before the holocaust
what happened to Jeannine during the holocaust
what was life like at Ghetto brody
the ghetto was located in the lvov oblast district in Ukrainian and was founded in the sixteenth century. It was originally under polish rule but was later ruled by the soviet union. over 9,000 jews lived there in 1939. jewish people had to wear arm bands with the star of david on them and were forced labor and little movement. jewish people had to go to the local gestapo and were forced two days of of torture and then were murdered in ditches. most jews starved to death because talk between jews and non-jews was forbidden.
Jeannines life after the holocaust
in the fall of 1944 jeannines mother got her, then they got her sister and her brother found his way back home. they had nothing and were extremely poor. Her mother got breast cancer and they detected it too late to help it, she passed away in February 1950 when jeannine was 10. they later moved to new york and her and her siblings all got married. jeannine laster got a divprce and got remmaried to a man named maurice. they have 6 children and 9 grandchildren.
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