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Alex Jeep

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Alex Jeep

You will have a box with
a army modeling jeep in it. you will have 6 screws, the base, the axle, a seat that you put in the back, a windshield
put on the front of the modeling jeep.
BY: Alex Shaffer How to make a model
jeep First, you pull all the materials out of the package. Then put them all around the table. After that, you put the wheels on the motor axle. You will need to put it on the back of the jeep. In the back it should go right easily. Next you put one wheel on the axle. After that, you put it through the two holes and then put the other wheel on. Put this section off to the side of the table.

Have you ever wanted to make a modeling jeep? well i can tell you how today. do you like model cars. now you can no how to make a modeling car today. Now you have
learned how to
make a model of a jeep
jeep. now
show your family
and friends
how to make
these Now, take the windshield and put 2 screws in the bottom of it. Then, using the screwdriver turn them to your right until they are tightened. Next, put the seat on the jeep, using three screws at the bottom of it. Turn the screws to your right until they are tight. Clip the bottom of it so it will go in. Now, you have a jeep!
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