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The Snowy Owl

No description

Delaney Riggle

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl is an amazing endangered species
The Snowy Owl Project
The snowy owl is endangered by man made factors.
Snowy owls live in mainly polar regions. They breed in coastal Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Snowy owls can be found in Canada and the northern United States, Iceland, the British Isles, central Russia,northern China and Sakhalin.
The Snowy Owl lives in cold areas
The snowy owl is a carnivore. The Snowy Owl eats birds mammals, and fish, the snowy owl stores or they catch food in mouth.They also have a perch so they can look for prey, they eat snow for enough water too.
The Snowy Owls Shelter, Water, and Food
Here are some of the man made factors, crashes with cars, utility lines and airplanes
The Snowy Owl is an endangered species
The Snowy Owl lives in a cold climate. They live in the Arctic
The Snowy Owl eats and is eaten by........
The Snowy Owl eats mammals, fish, and birds.
The Snowy Owl is eaten by other large birds dogs and wolves
Things have changed since the snowy owl went endangered
Lemmings, Voles, Waterfowls, and Ptarmigan have grown in population. Lemmings and Voles are mammals plus they are also the snowy owl's prey. Waterfowls and Ptarmigan are birds plus they are the snowy owl's prey
The snowy owl relationship is a peradtor prey
A relationship where one thing benefits and another is killed. Here's an example The snowy owl eats the Lemming and is no longer hungry but the Lemming has been killed.
Time to save
I would put the snowy owl in the northern part of Canada. Where it would be nice and cold and can breed without flying far. and make sure that there are Lemmings or Voles or Waterfowls or even Ptarmigans. So the snowy owl can eat.
We need many things to save the snowy owl's
We will need time about a week and 5 hours. We will need about 10,000 dollars. We will need probably about 3 helicopters to move most of the snowy owl's to the northern part of Canada. There is quite a lot of space.
I will try to get a lot of people who care for snowy owl's
There are 5 groups I would try to get to help and to help pay for all the things we would need to save the snowy owl. The first one is the group called International Fund for Animal Welfare. The second one is the group called Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The thrid one is the group called Defenders of Wildlife. The foruth one is the group called Panthera. The fifth one is the group called Save the Manatee Club.
We need to save the snowy owl, because if we don't then we all have lost something in our lives plus the population of Lemmings, Voles, Waterfowls, and Ptarmigans will increse and so will whatever also eats these things and whatever these things eat will decrese
PS: I am not that good at spelling words
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