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RealPresence: Infrastructure Training

No description

Jose Padilla

on 28 December 2016

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Transcript of RealPresence: Infrastructure Training

Personal Sala Inmersiva MEX GDL CORP Multipunto 3+1 ipad High Profile
Integración Nativa
Puerto Flexible Universal Video Collaboration BW = ∑ endpoints CIF 4CIF 720p 1080p Resoluciones Resource Management Gatekeeper
CMA-Desktop Single sign on
Dash Board Room Telepresence Business to Business ST E 1-3-10-25-85 Megas Video Firewall
Access Lists Encryption AES256
Traffic Management Content Management Virtualization Management 100 to 5000 registrations 64 Brigdes
75,000 registrations
25,000 concurrent SIP / H.323 Gateway
Sip Regstrar
TIP RMX and Codian 4x00/MSE8000 Microsoft
Session Border Controllers
Concurrent calls Lic Super Cluster
5DMA's Teleworker 5-10-15 H.323 Rec Ports
100-200 Web Viewes
Rec Point to Point and Multipoint calls
Lync Recording RSS4000 Capture Station SD / HD (sw) and Mobile
25 unicast streams
Media: H264, Live Flash, Windows Media®, Silverlight®, M4V, MPEG4, AVI
Platforms: Microsoft, Apple iOS*, Unix and Linux
Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari RSS, Sharepoint and Lync integration
Multi-CDN distribution via Blue Coat, Cisco, Riverbed, and Windows Media Media Manager Access &
Security H.323 View (play stop pause..)
Display people and content Live and On demand
Customize Layouts
Social tools
Training Trak Up to 4,000 viewers per server
Supports Clustering
API Access/Extensibility
Supports Multi-Tenancy IP-PBX Group Series 300 500 700 6SD 4HD 8HD SVC Scalable Video Coding H.264 anexo G
3 X capacidad en RMX El procesamiento se sale del MCU y se va al endpoint Integra el mundo del consumidor al mundo corporativo Cloud
Axis 720p Smart Pairing High Profile HTML5 Mercado Video Colaboración La mayoría utiliza el video para hacer lo mismo más eficiente, no pasa hacer las cosas diferentes
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