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Media Center Student Orientation EHS

No description

Michelle Brooks

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Media Center Student Orientation EHS

DEVICES. Books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System of Classification You may check out up to four books at one time.

All books may be checked out except reference.

Periodicals (magazines & newspapers) must be used in the Media Center.

The loan period for most books is two weeks. Log off of computers when done. Accessing inappropriate sites, adding, deleting, uploading or downloading files may result in a revocation of Media Center privileges and/or disciplinary action.

The Media Center is open school days from 7:00 a.m. -2:00p.m.
Lunch-You must have a library lunch pass from your 3rd or sixth block teacher. You are not allowed to leave the Media Center during lunch until the bell rings. 000’s Generalities (Encyclopedias)
100’s Philosophy & Psychology
200’s Religion & Mythology
300’s Social Sciences
400’s Languages
500’s Natural Sciences
600’s Technology
700’s Art
800’s Literature
900’s History & Geography
921s Biographies
F Alphabetical order by author
SC Story Collection Books must be brought to the circulation desk to be renewed.

Materials reserved for a class may be checked out after the last day of reservation. DESTINY- (On-line cataloguing system)


See if item is at EHS. If item is not
at EHS,use tool bar to select high
schools and search again.

If you return items late, you will incur a
late fee. The fine for overdue materials is 25 cents per school day, per item up to a maximum of $5.00 per item.

Students with overdue book and unpaid fines will not be allowed to check out or renew materials or participate in extra-curricular activities such as Prom, Grad Nite, etc. Lost materials should be paid for promptly.

The due date is stamped in the back of your book and you are expected to return materials on time.

Overdue notices will be sent periodically via your 2nd block teacher as a courtesy. We subscribe to 12 magazines and newspapers including:

Eco Latino- A Hispanic magazine with articles in Spanish & English.

NIE-Newspapers in Education-a special supplement to the Florida Times-Union. (on-line) Computers are for academic use only.

Log-on: S + student ID #.

Password: 1st letter of first name (uppercase),
2 digit birth date, 1st letter of last name
(lowercase) & last 4 digits
of SS#.

* The Media Center does not
have your ID or SS#. Bring a flash drive or save your document under your student number folder.

Computer Printing will be available if funding is available.

Ask your teacher or Media Center staff to assist you with printing. 1. Sign-in immediately at the Circulation
Desk and present your ID and Media
Center Pass.

2. The rear door is for emergency use only. You will get a referral for exiting under non-emergency situations.

3. Bring your assignment, instructions and supplies with you (flash drive, white-out, etc.).

4. Clean your area when done. 5. Do not Re-shelve materials; place neatly
on designated carts.

6. Stay with your teacher in your assigned
area at all times.

7. Remain seated until the bell rings.
Use restroom, etc. before entering.

8. Display proper Media Center behavior:
Quiet, push chairs under tables, do not
lean back in chairs, log-off computers, no
food in library, put trash in trash can.

9. Check all materials out at the
POSSIBLE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Duval District Library Catalogue.
http://destiny.duvalschools.org. (School)
https://duvalnet.duvalschools.org. (Home)
Username: Destiny, Password: Duval
Locate Englewood High School under high schools and click on Englewood. You can locate a book by title, author, or subject and check on status of material. DESTINY has the lexile score of most books.
Hard copy of EHS books and their lexile
scores at Circulation Desk.
Florida Lexile. http://florida.lexile.com.
Find a book that matches your lexile score. More websites you can access:
1. Go to DCPS website: www.duvalschools.org.
2. Click on Students
3. Click on Homework Help
4. Click on Get help with high school homework.

You may also find helpful:
Student Software
FCAT Resources Time magazine
Sports Illustrated
National Geographic
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