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No description

Sean Thorpe

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Retinoblastoma

In 1864 a man named Rudolph Virchow observed a form of cancer in a child that had a tumor in the retina of their eye. It was believed that it was made from embryonic retinal cells giving it the name "Reitnoblastoma"
Retinoblastoma is a recessive gene in which is spread from generation to generation. This gene if mutated (active) will cause a tumor to be made in your eye (extremely hard to get rid of).
It is very easy to tell if someone has retinoblastoma because in their pupil it will be smoky, white, or silvery. Another way it is identified is if the child has a wandering eye (only one eye moving at a time). Some symptoms include red pupils along with pain, and blurred vision.
Affected People
Retinablastoma is a rare gene mutation meaning that it is recieved when in the womb but can be seen when the child is born in the pupil of the eye. If you were not born with it then that means you will not have to worry about getting it.
Life expectancy
Retinoblastoma is not a lethal disease however severe treatments can reduce life span by around 1-10 years. Although if the child/adult with this form of cancer uses a less severe treatment they usually live a normal life span of about 65-80 years.
For Retinoblastoma there are no exact cures but there are several treatments, some of the popular treatments include laser surgery and cryotherapy. These types of treatments can cost around $1600 (laser surgery) and $50-$100 per session (cyrotherapy).
Other names- Glioma, retinal and RB
Current Research
One of the biggest latest developments scientists have made is by using radiotherapy to keep controll of the tumor and stop the growth of cancer. Scientists plan on using chemotherapy in the near future to avoid the use of radio therapy since the drugs enter the eye easier than most treatments.
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