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Technologies Based on Properties of Fluids

No description

Natalia Rincon

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Technologies Based on Properties of Fluids

Technologies Based on Properties of Fluids
Properties of Fluids
We have learned about various properties of fluids.

Now we discover how these properties are assisting in various technologies
How Submarine Works
1. Get into your lab groups

2. Lab groups will draw out a type of technology to research and present

3. You will have the rest of this period and the whole next period to research and prepare a brief presentation which your group will present to the class

4. The whole class will be using "google chrome books" to research and create a presentation using "google presentation"

Technology includes:
devices, systems, and processes that meet people's needs or wants.

Imagine having to move a fluid from one place to another. Maybe you are putting air in a basketball. Or maybe you want to filter the water in your aquarium. What woudl you use????
What is it about detergents that give them their special cleaning power?
Diving and Decompression
- What happens to gases in our blood as SCUBA divers reash high pressures
What property of fluids (that we have discussed in this unit) is used by submarines in order to move up and down in the water?
- Regulate or control the amount of flow
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