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Agricultural Research Institute Tarnab Peshawar

No description

Zahid Iqbal

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Agricultural Research Institute Tarnab Peshawar

Agricultural Research Institute Tarnab Peshawar

1908-Established (as Agriculture Experiment Station)
Introduction of Crop Varieties
Livestock Rearing & Breeding
Agricultural Mechanization
Agricultural Marketing
Food Preservation
Land Reclamation
Social Forestry
1935-Re-Organized (New Research Programmes Introduced)
Village demonstration scheme
W. Robertson Brown
First Agriculture Officer
Founder of Tarnab

The tall stature wheat variety of the time is evident from the picture. Bullock driven wheat reaper (Rajah Reaper) tried at Tarnab Farm during 1912
1947-Up-graded to Agriculture Research Station
Nine Research Sections established
Sub-Station established

Sugar Crops Research Station, Mardan (1951)
Maize Crops Research Station, Pirsabak (1955)
Sub-Station at D.I. Khan (1958)
Sub-Station at Serai Naurang Bannu (1962)
Field Martial Mohammad Ayub Khan, N. Pk., H.J.,
President of Pakistan visit to ARI, Tarnab
1962-Agriculture Department Re-organized
Research & Extension Directorates created
Tarnab up-graded to Institute level

1981-Agriculture Research Wing Re-organized
New Research Institutes established:

Sugar Crops Research Institute, Mardan
Cereal Crops Research Institute, Pirsabak
Agri. Research Institute, D.I. Khan
Stations upgraded:
ARS, Swat
ARS, Baffa Mansehra
1986-Merger with Agri. University under USAID-TIPAN

2005-Re-integration into Provincial Agriculture Department

2012-Re-Organization under 4-Tier Structure

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, CM-KP
Visit to ARI, Tarnab (December, 2012)
The mandate of the Institute is the
generation and dissemination of
knowledge and technologies for
improving crop productivity in
order to achieve growth,
equity and food security in
the agricultural sector of
the Central Agro-Ecological
Zone of the Province.
The mandate shall be achieved through following intermediary goals:
Increase of crop yields and ensure yield stability
Improve output quality and value
Ensure sustainability in the productivity of scarce resources and protect environment with sustainable use
Enhance employment for all involved in the sector (including women)
Ensure greater geographical spread of the benefits of improved technology to cover all areas in the central agro-ecological zone
Ensure greater continuity of production and income between and within years
These goals will be achieved through the implementation of both applied and adaptive research. In addition, the informal research carried out by farmers will be encouraged and utilized.
Land Utilization
Experimental Area : 103 acres
Buildings : 50 acres
Roads : 10 acres
Olive Project : 31 acres
FATA : 06 acres
Technical Staff Position
New Organizational Structure since July, 2012 after 4-Tier approval
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