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No description

Leslie Wanner

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Georgia

First Class Service.
First Name Basis.
Pre-qualification Tightening
Less Options to Choose From
Why Engage a Bank versus a Broker
Best of both worlds
Correspondent lending preferable
Bank controls the process
Broker special needs loans
Who are we?
Private Bank of Buckhead
Local Community Bank
Lend Primarily in Georgia
Real Estate Agent Support
Our Process
Team of Experienced Loan Officers (average 10 years)
Internal Processing (no contractors)
Internal Underwriting (correspondent loans)
Internal Alternative Lending
No Surprises
Prompt Return of Real Estate Agent Inquiries
At Least Weekly Updates with RE Broker
Constant Communication with Borrower
Provide Great Customer Service
No Surprises!
Mortgage Lending Landscape is Changing
No Interest Only Loans
No Negative Amortization Loans
No Terms Beyond 30 Years
No Balloon Loans
43% DTI Rule (with Exceptions)
Borrower Ability to Repay
Private Bank of Buckhead Advantages
Construction Loans
All Residential Mortgage Loans
Bridge/Temporary Loans
Land Lot Loans
Heloc (Interest and P/I)
Personal & Business Lines of Credit
Difference in Real Estate Selling & Obtaining a Loan
QM Features
Ron Sternberg (NMLS #6071)
Vice President, Mortgage Banker
Office: (404) 390 - 1845 Cell: (770) 331 - 2835
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