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Ancient Egyptian Farmers And Herders

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Leah Sullivan

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Farmers And Herders

By Leah Sullivan The Ancient Egyptian
Farmers And Herders Were there any typical
styles of clothing or
dress for this group? This group, farmers and herders, were
very poor and they could not
afford nice things. Instead the men wore
wrap-round skirts called schenti. Women
would often wear full length tubular dresses
with shoulder straps. Both men and women would often be barefoot. What was the hierarchy
of power? The hierarchy in descending order begins with the Pharaoh, followed next by priests and nobles,then came the traders, artisans, shopkeepers, and scribes. Below these came an additional groups known as peasants followed by, farmers, herders, and unskilled workers. What were the responsibilities
of each family member? Mother- The mothers role was to mother the children, weave, work, clean, and cook.

Father- The fathers, and most men, would often work in the field or serve as servants.

Children- Children were educated by there parents. The boys were considered to be wayward. What were the different
roles- perceived and/or actual- for the genders. Females would often grow, vegetables,flax, and wheat for bread. The flax was then used it to make linen.
Like women men also did mainly farming. How did people defend themselves and/or their families? To defend themselves/their family, the civilization had soldiers. The soldiers were for the protection of the people and civilization, but mainly the Pharaoh. Unlike the Pharohs and priests the farmers and herders were not spoiled with piles of food. Instead they were forced to eat papyrus. Papyrus' are plants that were very common near the Nile delta. What were the typical foods
of this ancient
Egyptian culture? One of the most important celebrated
holidays were New Years Day. This day was not
only the begging of a new year,
but rejuvenation and rebirth took place. What was a holiday and
how was it celebrated? Papyrus
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