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Food is a Feminist Issue

No description

Monique Famisan

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Food is a Feminist Issue

Food is a Feminist Issue Monique Famisan
Jillian Fernandez
Lauren Sato
Krissy Zahabi Born in Cambridge, England (1970)
Currently lives in Oxford, England.
Post- feminist Movement; art works created from 1990's to present
College: BA at Glasgow School of Arts and studied at Slade School Of Fine Art (1992-93)
Dramatic foreshortening
Resembles figure style of Baroque painter Rubens - overweight and fleshy
Works deal with abuse, self- mutilation, body image, and a contrast to the "ideal" perfection of women
Weight represents level of food consumption embrace the artist within you JENNY SAVILLE Saville, Jenny. Closed Contact No. 4 (1995-1996) C-Print on Plexiglass, 72”x 71.5”. Saville, Jenny. Plan (1993) Oil on Canvas, 9' X 7'. Saville, Jenny. Branded (1992) Oil on Canvas, 7' X 6'. Vanessa Beecroft "We tend to vulgarize the girls, thinking that they are too beautiful, too skinny, probably a sexual object or a fashion object. The performance is a form of catharsis of these notions for the audience". Martha Rosler Born in Brooklyn, New York
Feminist artist during the 70's Feminist Art Movement
Known for her photo-collages, photo-texts, video installations and performance art
examined the ideological, political, economic and social realities through a women's perspective Rosler, Martha. Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975) videotape, black and white, 7 minutes. Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975) "An anti-Julia Child replaces the domesticated 'meaning' of tools with a lexicon of rage and frustration."
transforms utensils into absurd objects or violent weapons
focus on food as a central factor in social and politico-economic terms
a critique of both the commodification of food and traditional women's roles Why is food a feminist issue? Fundamental level: human life depends on a woman for its very being A woman's individual power taken away Food and feeding are manipulated by others The predominant male attitude toward women is that they are objects Contemporary Italian feminist artist/performance artist
Born Genoa, Italy 1969; currently resides in LA
has suffered through several eating disorders (exercise bulimia, anorexia)
Accademia Liguistica Di Belle Arti/ Accademia Di Arti
art comments on how society constructs beauty ideals, perfection, weight
The Book of Food 1983-1993
work often features nude models reflecting body image
http://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-starscelebsmodels/vogue-masters/2010/02/vanessa-beecroft "Ideal" image: many women have become obsessed with body size Jenny Saville “I want to be a painter of modern life, and modern bodies.” The Book of Food (1983-1993) Beecroft recorded everything eaten in food diary
included derogatory phrases: "I am a pig", "trying to vomit"
1st performance art: book placed in center of gallery
shown with girls dressed in her own clothes
on walls: drawings/watercolors of girls struggling w/eating disorders (VB01 1993-Milan)
served as a blueprint for performance art
has staged >53 performances around the world
VB01, VB02, etc. "Eroticism and Female Imagery in the Nineteenth-Century"
"comparison of the desirable body with ripe fruit"
breast as apples
women are objects that can be possessed
male needs and desires Sources Hot Meat Body Beautiful, or Beauty Knows No Pain (1966-72) A photomontage dealt with the representative photography of women "I've realized the titles must be used only if they're necessary and it takes a talent-which I don't have-for that. For that reason I've replaced them with numbering of my database, easier to remember." VB 52(2003)
Turin, Italy Artwork Frame 1: Background Image: Healthy Food PowerPoint Template. Source: http://www.free-power-point-templates.com/healthy-food-powerpoint/ Frame 3-7: Text excerpted from Heresies 21: Food is a Feminist Issue. Source: http://heresiesfilmproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/heresies21.pdf Frame 9: Martha Rosler Picture. Source: http://www.stills.org/sites/default/files/Picture%201.png Frame 34: Vanessa Beecroft Photo. Source: http://www.roomsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Vanessa-Beecroft-bfanyc-com-e1347981250885.jpeg
Frame 39: VB 52 Photo: Beecroft, Vanessa. Source: http://www.openart.com/obras/vanessa-beecroft-vb52-75
Frame 40: VB 52 Photo: Beecroft, Vanessa. Source: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/photographs/vanessa-beecroft-vb-52166nt-5362437-details.aspx
Frame 41: VB 16 Photo: Beecroft, Vanessa. Source: http://ikonltd.com/artists/details/beecroft/266/3/ Rosler, Martha. Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975) video tape, black and white [Frame 11]
Rosler, Martha. Body Beautiful, or Beauty Knows No Pain (Hot Meat) (1966-72) photomontage, 34.8 x 27cm [Frame 13]
Nochlin, Linda. Buy My Bananas (1972) photograph, black and white [Frame
Saville, Jenny. Closed Contact No. 4 (1995-1996) C-Print on Plexiglass, 72x 71.5 in. [Frame 27]
Saville, Jenny. Plan (1993) Oil on Canvas, 9 X 7 ft. [Frame 28]
Saville, Jenny. Branded (1992) Oil on Canvas, 7 X 6 ft. [Frame 29]
Beecroft, Vanessa. VB 52. 75 edition of three (2003) digital chromogenic print, 130 x 160 cm [Frame 39]
Beecroft, Vanessa. VB 52.166 edition of three (2003) digital colour coupler print, 228 x 178 cm [Frame 40]
Beecroft, Vanessa. VB 16-Blonde Wig Girls (1996) color silkscreen print, 19 7/8 x 27 7/16 in. [Frame 41] Frame 11: Video: Rosler, Martha. Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975). Source: www.youtube.com Frame 13: Hot Meat Picture: Rosler, Martha. Body Beautiful, or Beauty Knows No Pain (Hot Meat) (1966-72). Source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_OZaHvxTKRI4/TUXtaHxvbII/AAAAAAAAAKM/WvEZ1ZQRzzQ/s1600/hot_meat.jpg influential in conceptualism and photography "The acceptance of woman as object of the desiring male gaze in the visual arts is so universal that for a woman to question or draw attention to this fact is to invite derision, to reveal herself as one who does not understand the sophisticated strategies of high culture and takes art 'too literally,' and is therefore unable to respond to aesthetic discourses. This is of course maintained within a world - a cultural and academic world - which is dominated by male power and, often unconscious, patriarchal attitudes" "The poem about bananas has not yet been written"
-Erica Jong, "Fruits and Vegetables" Frame 27: Closed Contact No. 4 Picture: Saville, Jenny. Source: http://www.artnet.com/artists/jenny-saville/closed-contact-no-4-collab-w-glen-luchford-K_b-WzMm63cTvUdvNVf52w2
Frame 28: Plan Picture: Saville, Jenny. Source: http://employees.oneonta.edu/farberas/arth/Images/ARTH200/Women/Body/saville_plan.jpg
Frame 29: Branded Picture: Saville, Jenny. Source: http://employees.oneonta.edu/farberas/arth/Images/ARTH200/Women/Body/Saville/branded_92.jpg
Frame 30: Text excerpted from http://www.gagosian.com/artists/jenny-saville; Text excerpted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_Saville
Frame 31: Video: Arts and Parts : S01E01 - Smith and Saville (2010). Source: http://www.youtube.com/
Frame 32: Text excerpted from http://www.flashartonline.com/interno.php?pagina=articolo_det&id_art=286&det=ok&title=VANESSA-BEECROFT; Interview: Vanessa Beecroft| Art and Design.
Frame 36: Text excerpted from http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2005/mar/13/art; Flash Art. Linda Nochlin Born 1931
Brooklyn, NY
Feminist art historian, author, professor
1969: became active feminist after reading "women's liberation" journals
"Why Have There Been no Great Women Artists?" "In the nineteenth century, and still today, the very idea-much less an available public imagery-of the male body as a source of gentle, inviting satisfaction for women’s erotic needs, demands, and daydreams is almost unheard of, and again not because of some ’male-chauvinist’plot in the arts, but because of the total situation existing between men and women in society as a whole." Buy My Bananas, 1972, Photograph by Linda Nochlin Frame 16: Text excerpted from http://www.dictionaryofarthistorians.org/nochlinl.htm
Frame 17: Linda Nochlin picture. Source: http://www.moca.org/wack/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/nochlin.jpg
Frame 18: Text excerpted from http://www.bakeru.edu/faculty/adaugherty/wc/module5/artists.html
Frame 19: Nochlin, Linda. Eroticism and Female Imagery in Nineteenth-Century Art (1971). Source: https://blackboard.chapman.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-337288-dt-content-rid-833377_1/courses/101-2012FAO-FFC-100-37/EroticismAndFemaleImagery19cArt.Nochlin..pdf
Frame 20: Buy My Bananas picture. Source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/linda%20nochlin?before=1341443745
Frame 21: Text excerpted from http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/102911.Linda_Nochlin
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