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LCC - Twitter campaign intro

No description

Tom Allen

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of LCC - Twitter campaign intro

What is Twitter? How is it useful?
(and why should I care?) How do I use it? How can I use it (better)? How can I use it to campaign
in my ward? What do I do now? how to campaign locally using Twitter. Tom Allen aka @geecologist
ActionAid International's
Global Engagement Manager
and chair of the Digital Charities group in London but, it's also... 1. Probably the fastest way to spread or find news about any given event, or a message related to any event 2. One of the few mass communication channels not controlled by a Murdoch, and unmediated any other media empire. It barely even has adverts 3. It has content written by real people. People who aren't under pressure to produce something for their editor, or to sell more newspapers 4. Where communities with shared interests come together to discuss and support each other's work on issues important to them 5. Twitter is the closest mass communications has ever come to a meritocratic structure, where things become popular because they interest or entertain the most people When you write a message on Twitter, it's called a Tweet.
It has to be less than 140 characters...
That's pretty much the only rule. There are over 500 million active Twitter users as of 2012

Every day more than 340 million tweets are sent

Twitter users search it more than 1.6 billion times per day "Twitter posts are the leading source of discussion about the quake..."
- Quote from Nielson, the media analysis organisation's assessment in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.

Twitter was also a key tool for flagging those in need of assistance (used with Ushahidi) and the most up to date source of news In June Greenpeace launched their Shell Arctic campaign, encouraging their supporters to make spoof Shell adverts and share on social media (primarily Twitter) Local organising
2009: The #iranelection protests were coordinated on the fly using Twitter

2011: The Arab Spring began in Egypt #Jan25, after months of discussions (including many on social media). One of the first things leaders tried to do was shutdown broadband

In Egypt, they setup HarassMap online for the same reasons.

It's easier to find people sympathetic to your cause if you're suddenly allowed to connect with them 1 2 3 4 5 6 18,000
followers 186,000
followers It's all about people So how we engage people is exactly the same as in real life. Through conversation, personal perspective, opinion, shared interests.

Get comfortable. Be yourself. And it's just a tool.
It's useful in the same way a placard is useful.
You can use it to reach thousands of people. Following
This just means you will see a person's updates

Writing any message on Twitter (via SMS or website)

Retweet (also called RT)
If you click Retweet it means the message will appear to your 'followers' as well

@ Reply
Similar to email. You direct a tweet at one person by writing @their-username, eg. @ccbrux # Hashtags
Like tagging content on websites, allows similar content to be grouped.

A way to group users together, at ActionAid we have staff and office lists. Create them to be useful for you. A 'smartphone'
Allows you to follow conversations

Yes, really. Great for researching how people are talking about subjects you're interested in, and who is 'influential'

Allows you to shorten links. Great for building trust in AA work (& for M&E!) 1. Watch and learn how other people are using it 2. Let people know you're using it!
Include it in your email signature, etc 3. Start conversations with people you know, join conversations with people talking about your interests 4. Link to things you've read or written and use your opinions to interest other people 5. Use it to document live events or stunts 6. Be patient. Build trust with people Quick practical
Follow someone
Retweet someone
Find an interesting list
Look at Twazzup
Send a tweet
Start & follow a hashtag Local to International:
"The Zapatista Effect"
The www was a key element in the Zapatista land rights / autonomy rebellion of 1994, coming into its own in 1995. As the Mexican govt were mounting forces to crush the movement, being able to get communiques out and posted to the web brought global attention and mass protests in support of their struggle.
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