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Tourist or Traveller?


Tina Wilkinson

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of Tourist or Traveller?

Tour of Germany
and Austria 2010

Do you want to be a tourist or a traveller?
“According to Lansky the difference between a tourist and traveler is not the guidebooks, cameras or goofy hats and tacky outfits: “The traveler is the one who constantly pushes themselves out of their comfort zone as often as humanly possible.””
"The tourist sees what he comes to see.” "The traveler sees what he sees."
Doug Lansky
Travelling v tourism!
By dictionary definition, there's not much difference between a tourist and a traveller. However, the word tourist often conjures up images of someone in garish shorts, shouting in English at a bemused local.
To us, travelling is about taking the time to learn about a country, showing respect for its customs and broadening your horizons. To use one of those metaphors English teachers like - if going abroad is a meal, a tourist just picks out the best bits, whereas a traveller digs in, tries everything and comes back feeling a lot more satisfied.
Preparation for departure
Day of Departure
Home stay
On Tour
Gute Reise!
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