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Cover Letters and Resumes

No description

Caitlin Hill

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Cover Letters and Resumes

The cover letter allows you to be more specific about the facts in your resume Highlight key skills Your cover letter sells your resume, your resume sells you! Why do you need a professional Resume and Cover Letter? They introduce you to an employer Resumes and Cover Letters Caitlin Hill
Patrick Hutchison Objectives Not Always Necessary When distributing at a career fair Limit to two to three sentences Customize for each job application Keywords from the Job Description Make it relevant What to include: Type of position
Career goals
How hiring you would benefit the firm Education Expected highest degree first Incorporate relevant courses Include: GPA if greater than a 3.0
Relevant extracurricular activities Experience Include all experience listed chronologically, most recent being first Quantify the work you've done
with specifics Be Truthful.
Don't get carried away when describing past work Proofread your resume! SKills Anything not previously mentioned of importance Examples:
Proficiency in Microsoft office
Ability to work well in teams Formatting Consider:
1" margins
Font choice
Consistent punctuation and typography Put a header at the top with your contact information What not to include:
Title: "Resume" or "Fact Sheet"
Salary Requirements
Age, Race, Religion, Gender
Reasons for leaving previous positions Cover Letters Personalizes your resume Customized for each prospect First thing the employer sees Presents new material from your resume What to Include The first paragraph should include how you found out about the job and why you are applying Second paragraph should include why you should be considered for the position Third paragraph should include how the qualifications in the previous paragraph benefit the employer as well as your plan of action End your cover letter with a salutation and your signature Formatting Your Cover Letter Questions???
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