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Holocaust Memorial

No description

Kyra Shade

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial
"Never Forget"

The Final Solution
Never Forget
The three point plan that we can lean on to never have this happen again is
I choose this genocide because the still known hatred for Jewish people today. This is what hatred of people gets us. I also choose this genocide to remember the innocent lives that were taken recently.
Anti- semitism (hate for Jews) has been around for centuries. It's even recorded that the Jewish people were blamed for the Black Death that occurred during 1300- 1500.
After World War One, Germany was completely humiliated over the Treaty of Versailles which made things very hard for Germany. It made them pay the Allied Powers, decrease their armies , and demanded the recognition of its guilt for the war. Because the German Empire was destroyed Weimar Republic was formed.
Things got worse under the Weimar Republic with a major economic collapse during the worldwide depression in 1929. Massive inflation followed by very high unemployment created a civilization that was very unhappy with their leaders. This is where On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler, was named chancellor of Germany when the Nazi Party received a significant amount of votes.
Their political opponents were the Weimar Republic, which had Jewish members, and followers. Thus to gain votes from the people the Nazi party began to blame all their misfortunes to the Weimar Republic creating masses of propaganda against them.
The genocide of the Jewish people started in 1933 and ended in 1945 which was in Germany and Poland
Hitler's motivation for the genocide was really the fact is was extremely racist. He believed that the German race was superior to any other race. His mission was to create Germans as the master race and have pure blooded Germans. He believed that the Jewish people were subhuman and a horrific race. In his book Mein Kampf he described Jewish people as "the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.”
Before the mass murders of the Jewish people there was many steps they took to abuse the human rights of these people.
The Germans burned any books that were written by a Jewish person, Jews were unable to work in their professions, the Germans confiscated Jewish businesses and property.
On September 15, 1935 the Nuremberg Laws were passed which made it illegal for intermarriage and made having a job as a Jewish person very hard to have.
They also made the Jewish people wear the David Star to show that they were Jewish, and eventually were forced into ghettos that the Nazi party created
Not only did the horrific events being described happen to the Jews, they also happened to anybody that "did not belong to the Aryan race". This was their excuse to the horrific events that happened to these people. Some of the other groups that " did not belong" were, the mentally disabled, the deaf, transgenders, homosexual and even Jehovah Witnesses.
The Nazis decided that they must end the Jewish race once and for all, so they came up with The Final Solution which was the concentration camps in Poland.
The SS took the Jews from the Ghettos and put them onto freight trains to send them to the concentration camps out in Poland. Many Jewish people died on the trains, for lack of space, oxygen and food.
The Jews that made it out alive out of the train cars were put into lines. The elderly, women and children were automatically sent to " showers" that were actually gas chambers to kill them.
The men and anyone else who survived was sent to concentration camps to work until their death they were un-properly fed, living conditions were poor, and were made to work very hard labor.
One of the most popular concentration camps was Auschwitz. The death toll was 1,000,000 Jewish people. Some atrocities here were medical experiments on these people, they made them suffocate in rooms, beat them for no reason, and not let them use the bathroom.
After the war ended the death toll to the Jewish people was 6 million Jews. The Jewish people that did survive were mentally scared by what had happened, and many of them were displaced. By 1953 there was at least 170,000 displaced and refugee Jews that immigrated to Israel, which was not possible before. Many Jewish people were scared to return to their old homes because of pogroms ( hate against the Jews). Even after the war in 1946 Polish rioters killed at least 42 Jews and beat many others.
Just like how it was when the Holocaust was happening, it seems like there wasn't much of an affect on the German population. There was still hatred towards the Jewish population. Many Germans actually didn't know quite what happened, because the evidence was locked up and there was lots of denial.
The response during this time internationally was very different with each country. In America we didn't have any idea what was going on during that time, and refused the Jews to immigrate here because of our immigration laws. A strike was initiated in the Netherlands on February 25, 1941, against the holocaust but was unsuccessful. Denmark saved almost all its Jewish citizens, while Norway managed to save about half. Sweden also provided medical support for all the Jewish survivors.
To me this is probably one of the most horrendous events that have ever occurred in our history that we must NOT repeat.
1. Never Forget, always remember our history so we do not repeat it.
2. Do not judge another person for not being like you, a person is a person no mater what.
3. Stand up for the people who are being discriminated against, if there was more people to stand up for the Jews it wouldn't have happened.
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