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The Battle of Ortona

No description

Kaylin Gilbey

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of Ortona

The Battle for Ortona

The Battle for Ortona
The Battle of Ortona was nicknamed 'Little Stalingrad' for the deadliness of the close-cornered combat. It started on December 20th 1943 and concluded eight days later on December 28th 1943.
What was the outcome of Ortona you ask? Well I can say Italy didn't win since there was about 1300 civilian deaths
Explain what Happened
Well Ortona was one of the battles in the Italian Campaign from 1943-1945
The significance of the Battle of Ortona
The significance of the Battle for Ortona is that Canadian soldiers learned valuble skills during this battle and that with Ortona they were able to push the Germans out of Italy.
Italy was allied with Nazi Germany. It was controlled by dictator Benito Mussolini. Ortona is a coastal town in Italy. The Battle of Ortona was fought by the Canadians against the Germans
Canadians in Action
When they first began the initial attack on Ortona the Canadians faced elements of the renowned German 1st parachute division. These germans were odered by Adolf Hitler to defend Ortona at any cost.
What Happened Before?
As the Allies grew closer to Italy Mussolini fled to Switzerland. During the Battle of Ortona it was really just Canada against Germany since the Italian people did not want to be apart of the war any longer. Making Italy just an extension of Germany only by land
20th of December in 1943 to the 28th of December in 1943
I belive I already explained it was in Ortona Italy
What exactly happened?
The city of Ortona is full of houses that would give the German troops a height advantage if the Canadians marched through the streets. So it became a house battle. The canadians developed a technique that is called 'mouse-holing' it was when they blast a hole through a wall in the conjoining houses and they continue on like that so they didn't have to risk going through the streets.
Outcome for Germany
It is unclear how many Causalities the germans had during the Battle of Ortona. The battle ended when
Outcome for Canada
The Canadians were the victors in the Battle for Ortona. They lost 1375 men in the 8 days they were fighting.
The skills
The Canadian leader Chris Vokes and the Canadian soldiers learned important skills like 'mouse-holing' which helped with the rest of the italian Campaign and battles we are having now like in Afghanistan.
Christmas in Ortona
On December 25th 1943, it was Christmas. There was no Christmas truce like there was on that one fateful Christmas in world war one. Instead members of the Seaforth Highlanders gathered in shifts at the bombed-out church of Santa Maria di Constantinopoli where they had a christmas dinner of beer, wine, roast pork, applesauce, cauliflower, mashed potatoes, gravy, chocolate, oranges, nuts, and as a bonus they got cigarettes at the end for a nice relaxing end to christmas
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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