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Annual General Meeting 2015

No description

Benjamin Seah

on 27 March 2016

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Transcript of Annual General Meeting 2015

Brief History
Quotation 1
Our Previous Committee
Monday- January 11, 2016
Annual General Meeting 2015
NP Shooting Club
The modern Shooting Sport was developed in the 19th century. Today, the shooting sport is ruled by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). Under ISSF, shooting is classified into 4 disciplines: Rifle, Pistol, Running Target and Shotgun. Our Club focuses on the 10 meter Air Rifle and 10 meter Air Pistol.

Shooting Club was set up in 2006 in Ngee Ann to promote the spirit of the shooting sport. Besides providing an opportunity for all students to learn the sport, the club is becoming a gateway for shooters from secondary schools to continue firing their passion while pursuing their diploma.
President: Lim Yuan Xiu
(Air Pistol Woman)
MCM Year 2

Vice-President: Lee Qian Ying
(Air Rifle Woman)
CBE Year 2
Training Manager: Xiang Ling
(Air Rifle Woman)
OPT Year 2
Training Manager: Lim Hsin Yee
(Air Pistol Woman)
PDI Year 2
Treasurer: Tan Shi Hao
(Air Rifle Man)
ACC Year 2
Events: Daryl Ong
(Air Pistol Man)
NSS Year 2
Logistics: Chang Lik Jack
(Air Rifle Man)
IT Year 2
The New Committee
Student Advisor: Lim Yuan Xiu
(Air Pistol Woman)
MCM Year 2
President: Alvin Ngow Feng Hao
(Air Rifle Man)
ECE Year 1
Secretary: Toh Li Jun
(Air Pistol Woman)
REB Year 1
Vice-President: Seah Jun
Wei Benjamin
(Air Rifle Man)
EWT Year 1
Training Manager: Tan Yu Tao
(Air Pistol Man)
AT Year 1
Events: Jovan Lee Kai Fong
(Air Rifle Man)
BME Year 1
Treasurer: Sim Yan Hern
(Air Rifle Man)
NSS Year 1
Logistic: Loh Zhi Sen
(Air Rifle Man)
AE Year 1
Video Montage
Competitions and Achievements
SG Cup
Bi Monthly Shoots

1. APM Bronze Team
2. APW Bronze Team
1. ARW Silver Team
2. APM Silver Team
3. APW Silver Team
4. Xing Rou 2nd Individual ARW
5. Nicholas 1st Individual APM
6. Xiu Yi 1st Invidual APW
Singapore National Shooting Competition (SNSC)
Upcoming Events
CCA Fiesta
Bonding Day
Date: Second Week of May
Bonding Camp
Date: 13-26 June
Upcoming competition
Date: Late February 2016
Any Questions??
Our Goals and Aims
Date: To be confirmed
Venue: Poolside
Venue: Poolside, open deck
Venue: Ngee Ann
Venue: Yishun Safra
Recuriting GL (Group Leader), GC (Game Coordinate) for Bonding Camp
CCA Points Awarded
Training Manager: Jian Hui
(Air Rifle Man)
ME Year 1

To further expand and improve the club
To allow the juniors to have an exciting CCA in their Ngee Ann life
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