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Egyptian Theater

No description

Christopher Horton

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Theater

Egyptian Theatre History Gods Religion Costumes Types of plays Egyptian Style Theatre Work Cited The earliest examples of live performance were recorded in the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, in the year 2300Bc.
The performances served as ceremonies and rituals. The most important rituals followed the full fertility pattern of a fight, a death and a rebirth. Osris and Horus The egyptians prayed to and believed in
many gods. They payed homage to their
gods with religious ceremonies that we
call theatre today. Egyptian style theater's are based on the traditional and historic elements of ancient Egypt.

The first Egyptian style theater in the U.S was Grauman’s Egyptian theater in Hollywood, California. In Ancient Egyptian theatre costumes are often based on the land of the pharoah.
Costumes include:
Egyptian tunics
Head dress 1. The Abydos Passion Play
2. Osiris Passion Play
3. Medical plays
4.Heb Sed play
5.Ra Play Gascoigne, Bamber. 1968. World theatre; an illustrated history. Boston: Little, Brown.

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